Frequency Read


What frequency are you operating on?  Asking for something that you desire to appear in your life is one thing.  Actually receiving it through the process of vibrational frequency (manifestation) is a completely different thing.  Once frequency is in alignment - without fail through focus and continual effort - the most incredible gifts appear in your life. Exactly what you desired, or better. 

Often when I’m guiding someone through the process of manifestation, I first check his or her frequency.  Frequency or vibrational alignment is comprised of three equal components: beliefs, feelings, and imagery.  If one of these is out of alignment, then what they desire always tends to take longer to come.  Here is how to check your frequency temperature regarding specific desires you are willing into your life.

THOUGHTS | when the subject of what you desire comes into your focus, what are your thoughts surrounding it?  Positive, joyous, happy thoughts?  Or negative, forfeiting, and limiting thoughts?  If it’s the latter, it’s time to reprogram your thought patterns and heal the root of what is causing these thought patterns such as lack of worth, insecure, and the list goes on.

FEELINGS | when the subject of what you desire (or other subjects) come into your focus, what are you feeling? Are you feeling excitement, gratitude, anticipation for already receiving this “thing”?  Or are you feeling lack, sadness, depression and fear surrounding this “thing”?  Equally important, are you harboring feelings of jealousy, anger, judgment, and inferiority around any other subjects or people in your life?  If so, this is preventing the subject, person, opportunity or accomplishment from appearing in your life.

IMAGING | are you imaging that of which you desire often?  Fully fleshed out?  Picturing it already in your possession?  The way it arrived?  How it smells, sounds, tastes, looks?  Are you taking the time to visualize the specificity of this subject?  If not, this creates room for uncertainty and gray confusion.  

Vibrational frequency truly is that simple. But is it?  Because we are humans that were raised by other (sometimes not conscious) humans in a society of humans raised by (sometimes not conscious) other humans, a lot of trauma, limiting thoughts, and subconscious blocks have been bestowed upon us.  And even when we “think” we’ve moved past some of those deeply-rooted beliefs, they still have a hold on us.  This is where guidance comes in and can empower you through specific tools to heal the root of what is keeping one in resistance from what they desire.  If this sounds like you, this service might be exactly what you need during this potent time before shifting into a New Year. 


Manifestation with Lacy Phillips