As children we are often taught to be authentic - last.  We are often shaped and molded with the karmic ideas that shaped and molded the caretakers before ours.  And it sometimes takes a lot of effort to break out of that mold, or imposed perceptions of what we should be.  However, when we are 100% living in our own authentic skin, thoughts, actions, relationships, and careers, that is when everything we are seeking (manifesting) is drawn to us.

I had a very interesting childhood.  I was raised by a nineteen-year-old hardworking mother, a twenty-year-old cowboy father, and simultaneously looked after by my cultured / educated / successful grandparents, and my extremely cultured / educated / successful / Middle Eastern aunt & uncle.  Between these four households I received VERY different messages about what I should become, the length of education I should undergo, my relationship with money, the way I view my beauty and thoughts, and the type of partner I should be with.  And though my meshed childhood might be very different from yours, I do guarantee that not many parents were progressive enough to instill these few essential values onto you with great clarity:

+ If you are feeling called to do a line of work repeatedly and it brings you the upmost happiness, then it is what you are meant to do and obtain great success.

+ You have access to an unlimited amount of prosperity and wealth as long as you have a very deep belief and clarity surrounding finances.

+ The romantic relationship you should be in is one where deep respect, admiration, endless support, positivity, and loyalty flows freely and abundantly.

+ Everything that makes up your authentic being – from exterior to your interest and thoughts – is the exact essence that makes you so magnetizing and authentic.  Only when you love each of these bits about yourself will people, opportunities, and miracles be drawn to you endlessly.

Before we embark on this New Year, it’s incredibly important to take deep inventory of how closely we are living to our authentic selves.  How much of our days, career, choices, limiting thoughts and beliefs, relationships, interests, items in our home, and relationship with ourselves are actually someone else’s story or not serving us anymore?  This is a VERY powerful time to release who we are not, and start showing up and introducing exactly who we are in order to align vibrationally to exactly what we are calling into our lives.

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips