Building Your Community



“No one is your friend. No one is your enemy.  Everyone is your teacher.”   I’ve heavily lived by this quote since age twenty-three.  Around this time, I took a very in depth inventory of each individual I held close in my life.  And I realized that each individual bond with each individual person was in fact a direct reflection of myself.  And a small handful of relationships happened to be quite negative, manipulative, living in lack, and jealous.  Two of which absolutely loved when I was down. 

It was at this point that I realized I don’t have to keep people in my inner circle simply because I’ve built a relationship with them.  Some relationships are meant to come into one’s life to help get them further along on their spiritual journey then drift away; while a very rare few are meant to grow with your spiritual advancements and continuing to blossom.

As a very sensitive individual with a heavy spiritual focus on evolving and creating the exact existence I want, I choose to only surround myself with individuals that inspire and stretch me.  Because I, like many, am easily susceptible to slipping into low vibes, it’s very important that I keep individuals that emit or enable me to emit feelings of judgments, jealousy, and lack - at arms length.  Here are the qualities I look for in people I consciously spend majority of my time with.

POSITIVITY | incredibly optimistic outlook with love and kindness as their main currency.

AMBITION | sky is the limit. No matter how big the hike looks, they know deep in their core that they will achieve anything they set out for.

ABUNDANCE | fearless when it comes to jumping off cliffs knowing that the universe has their back. 

SUPPORTIVE | moves away from jealousy and ill will.  Wanting nothing but the best for me and those we know.

When relationships are lacking these from either me or the other party, that’s when I know it’s time to take space.  I’m giving you permission to look around your community.  Maybe it’s already supremely evolved.  Maybe everyone in your circle is toxic.  Just know that you are the creator of your reality. In order to reach your dreams, and the most evolved you, it’s important to surround yourself with attributes listed above.  You can build the community you want at any time.  And we truly are a product of our environment. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips