The Universe Doesn't Punish You • Manifestation


Contrary to annoyingly popular superstition, The Universe does not punish you. Often, when I hear a superstitious theme popping up in my practice, I like to address it here quickly. A few clients have recently said, “You know, I don’t want to put that out there.” Or, “I asked him, why are you creating that with your words?”

If only life and Manifestation were that easy! We’d all be a lot more successful or a lot worse off. This I assure you. This notion and fear stems from Manifestation thought based propaganda.

And yes, in way of neuroplacticty, thoughts and words do have a reinforcing effect on the neural pathways that already play on loop. However, those thoughts and words do not create your reality. They invite you to dig down to the beliefs at the core root of these thoughts and words. If the root beneath is limiting, low self-worth, immense fear, deserving negativity, or lack that you can never have a certain thing, that’s what is actually creating your reality.

The very first book I read in way of Manifestation was The Game Of Life and How To Play It. I was seventeen. And I completely and totally put it into action. I got so conscious of my thoughts and words - strongly emphasized as what manifests one’s reality, in the book. I applied it to relationship manifestation, my acting career, money… And guess what happened? Nothing. At all.

Thoughts and words do not. Beliefs do.

I’ve personally witnessed constant negative behavior from people in my life that are never met with negativity or harm or punishment. Why? Because they genuinely believe what they are doing is right, and for the good.

But why can bad things happen to good people? Because somewhere, somehow, someway, they adopted the belief that they were worthy or deserving of it. I’ve seen this show up in my practice in way of inherited family trauma through epigenetic, beliefs instilled in them when they were young, programming instilled in them by media, or societal “truths”.

Are you catching my flow here? The Universe will never send something your way to punish you because you had negative thoughts, or words, or anxiety. Ever.

However, a very beautiful things will happen the moment you begin manifesting something that is greater than where you are, who you are, or what you already have. The Universe - who’s sole intention is to help you shape into the most powerful, whole, realized version of self – will send you lessons and tests to invite you to grow your self-worth, to expand your beliefs, to raise you to your highest capability. And it will NEVER send you something you can’t handle. Regardless of how intense the lesson or test may seem. Most of my clients get excited when they begin receiving lessons and tests, because it means that every time they pass one, they are getting close to what they're manifesting. That's the beauty of looking through manifestation goggles

The Universe isn’t some negative force that polices the infinite. It’s time to start thinking of it as your beautiful, caring, and infinitely giving friend that wants to see you succeed as far as possible. When you ask for more, and you have any low self-worth surrounding it, it’s going to toughen you up to be in alignment with you are asking for.

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