Deadlines • Manifestation


Another incredibly important element worth demystifying in popular Manifestation culture and literature is the need to give The Universe deadlines. “Make your vision board and add the date you want to receive; or write the million dollar check that you want to cash in x amount of years.” Grrrr. This snake oil makes me quite frustrated, because it sets people up for failure.

Why? Unless you expand your beliefs gradually (or quickly, depending on how easy it is for you to bridge what you believe your worth right now to said intention), then there is zero point in giving The Universe a deadline!

Manifestation is a gradual process. That’s why it’s imperative to start with micro subjects rather than the macro picture. Since my formula for Manifestation is belief driven rather than thought, the key to success is expanding your beliefs. Expanding them through the work and seeing is believings will determine how quickly your subjects are manifested. Also, the more noteworthy  the subjects that is realized, the stronger your trust muscle becomes, therefore bridging the gap of belief from what you’re capable of vs. the expanded belief gets smaller and smaller each time.

Therefore I beg you to wash the notion of demanding deadlines in your manifestation process. Setting deadlines for subjects to realize will only set you up for disappointment and potentially giving up. And that would be quite a shame. 

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