Energy Clearing

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Unless one lives on a farm with zero stimulation or outside contact (yeah, right), it’s nearly impossible to not pick up a lot of outside energy - in a day.  The more one meditates, eats a vibrant diet, and checks in with themselves, the more they become aware of how much outsourced energy they are carrying with them.

On a vibrational level, this can certainly muck up the clarity in what you are attracting by causing weighted emotions that don’t belong to you.  We’re not talking about deep emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and old-programming here.  We are simply talking about the exposure to all those billboards, the curt cash-register lady, that abused dog PSA on Facebook, your needy friend or boss, the person that cut you off in your car, the check that didn’t arrive on time, and …

Our society is far too stimulating, and so much of our own energy gets distributed and spread thin by too much contact and connection.  As an air sign and hyper self-aware person, I require a lot of energy clearing (and alone time).  A psychic bath, if you will.  A grounding.  A point zero, so that I can live in a more connected state with the universe.  A state that is open to receiving, and not cluttered by excess energy in the form of resistance.   

Here is a tiny meditation to perform before going deep into your regular practice.

PROCESS | sit in a comfortable position.  Close your eyes.  Focus on your breath, and clear your head.  Once you have control over your thoughts, visualize your body under a powerful waterfall or shower of white light. Let whatever thoughts pertaining to energy come up as they are.  Witness them.  Then let them wash away into the ground below you.  Once you feel like you have rinsed away all excess energy, continue to sit under this white light of water.  Let it fill up your body and the energy directly surrounding you (your aura) with white. Feel how clean, vibrant, and balanced it feels. Finish with a mantra.

Thank you universe for giving me the awareness and clarity to cleanse any energy that isn’t serving me; and filling me with the light of intuition and authentic power.

Photo | Jamie Arrigo



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