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Negative thoughts will not hold you back from attracting what you are manifesting. I repeat, negative thoughts will not hold you back from attracting what you are manifesting. Fear will. And when you boil down fear, usually it’s a deeply rooted feeling of not worthy enough/ not deserving/ not good enough/ or simply afraid.  So throw out every book you’ve ever read on manifestation that instills the notion that if your thoughts don’t always remain in the positive, you won’t receive what you want.  From tried and true experience – through myself and my clients – it simply isn’t true. In fact, about the only thing that thoughts dictate in manifestation is bringing about what you want. 

When I first started manifesting, I spent A LOT of time trying to fictitiously conjure up positive thoughts through affirmations. And down this wasted road of forcing non-organic energy I never had much luck materializing what I was calling in. I had to shift course. 

Once I got my formula and momentum down, I realized that manifestation is 90% action. Getting clear, facing fear, detoxing, leaps of faith... Acting out of complete fearlessness, on a daily basis, is what I call “a magnetic force”.  A magnetic force is when you literally just start attracting everything you are calling in. All the steps I talk about are a combination of approachable actions in order for one to live and behave in a complete state of fearlessness. When that is the place one operates from at all times, they can attract their personal perfect versions of absolutely anything they are calling in (very rapidly). Facing fear, acting out of fearlessness, and trusting are the strongest vibrations in manifestation.

If you come across a book, seminar, or person out there that feeds you the same old process - pick something that you want, stay positive, visualize it, and then it will appear – reconsider your purchase or run in the other direction. It's much more beneficial to pick up a book, or work with a person that makes you break through you blocks (fear). Negative thoughts are what bring light to what we are actually not feeling worthy of. Or what we fear. Judging another women usually stems from jealousy, which stems deeper from not feeling like you’ll ever get what they have (not deserving). Hating something is usually us feeling like we don’t deserve to ever have something, or another form of jealousy. So welcome negative thoughts and the polarity they create in your life. Dig deeper and start taking note of your fears (low self-worth).

You need to face your fears. Some humans can face fears very rapidly through quick actions where others take small baby action steps. Regardless, it’s all in the action.

When you begin to take action steps against your fears, you build up your self-worth and confidence each time a) by learning a lesson, b) by realizing that you’re still alive after, and c) by no longer fearing that thing anymore. I.e. you start rapidly attracting what you are seeking.

Ex. Recently a very magical Canadian client living in Toronto wanted to make the move to LA but couldn't get a visa unless she had a job lined up here. Egg before the chicken. And she wasn't exactly sure of which industry to go into. Money was getting lower before she would have to commit to a job in Toronto. She used a series of actions to get clear, be fearless about abundance, and face the fear of turning down any safe/permanent jobs that were offered to her in Toronto. We spoke last week, and as The Universe always does, it provided her with a job in LA so she could get her work Visa. 

Another client in fashion was making the move to LA from NYC without a job or an apartment lined up. It was very much against the will of her family that had a lot of fears surrounding an unsecured move. With some tools, she started to learn how to dissolve and create boundaries from taking in her family's fears for her. The moment she landed, she was ultra fearless with her actions and went out and bought the brand new car she had been wanting (fearless act of faith and knowing abundance). She listened to her intuition and went to a sample sale of a brand she loves and would love to help grow. As The Universe loves this energy of living in complete fearlessness, the owner of the brand asked if she needed a job, and an interview followed. And the very first apartment she looked at was everything on her list. She too has only been here since April. 

So stop worrying about negative thoughts and start surveying what fears you need to break through. What cliffs are you needing to jump off?  What acts of faith are you needing to put into motion? What actions are you needing to take? If you are in need of some tools or someone to give action-based solutions, I very much look forward to connecting over a session. No matter what you do, stop beating yourself up over negative thoughts. And start letting them work for you. 

If you're looking to learn more about Lacy's manifestation formula, head over to our How to Manifest workshop where you'll learn the exact Formula with steps to integrate.

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