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Every person in our life is our teacher and a sign.  If we begin to remove labels, “best friend, friend, colleague, peer, my friend’s sister, neighbor…” we begin witnessing why people are showing up in our social circumference.  If any of these people are showing up negatively, they are mirroring and magnifying our own limiting behavior and where we need to grow.  Simultaneously, they are signs (a call to action) inviting us to take inventory on the areas in our life in which we need to become conscious, evolve, do the work, and raise our vibrations.  

But what about the people around us that are showing up positively?  Accomplishing their wildest dreams?  It seems that every time you speak with them, something new and magical is happening for them?

These people are equally our teachers.  They are showing up and teaching us to expand our limiting beliefs, beyond the little we believe we deserve, and opening us up to desiring bigger opportunities, subjects, recognition, and accomplishments.  In manifestation, these people are very potent signs.  They are little messages from the universe letting you know that you are equally capable of having your version of what they are receiving.

Personally, I've manifested the most inspiring group of peers.  We connect over dinner often and feed off of each other's momentum and accomplishments.  After a meal of hearing about a large inspiring publication feature them, a very cool book deal, or incredible travels, it's no surprise that we all go home so excited for one another and then bam weeks later our very own version of these opportunities show up in our inbox, or our lives. 

By removing ego, and stepping into consciousness you can harness the powerful momentum behind these positive people showing up in your life, and have it work for you. So the next time you have that ping of jealousy towards a person that got a promotion, award, press, engaged, bought a house, had a baby, went on a life-changing trip…

NAVIGATE | remove ego and take inventory inside of yourself to see what limiting thoughts you have around this news.  You’ll usually find that jealousy is a mask for deeper limiting beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough.  This would never happen for me because I’m too broke, fat, ugly, unlovable.  I’m stuck in the place I am now. If only I could/ had/ _____. I don’t actually want this but society tells me I need this in order be happy/ successful/ worthy.” Navigate what the deeper limit(s) you have on yourself is.

INTENTIONS | this is the fun part.  By divine right, we are all capable of having/achieving everything we want. They may happen and show up in a non-linear fashion and not be exactly what we asked for. But I will assure you that what shows up will always be better.  That is how manifestation works. 100% of the time.

So once you’ve navigated and tapped into the deeper limiting belief that this positive news for another triggers in you, and you realize how you are limiting your scope of what you actually want / deserve / are worth and entitled to, you get to take this momentum and expand your wants.  You get to set bigger intentions. 

You do this by:

I.                    Sitting with absolute joy that you have these gifts from the universe in your life (positive people) that are showing up as signs that you too deserve and are worthy of your authentic version of the positive _____ they are receiving.

II.                  Using the energy of their positive accomplishments to set expanded intentions of your personal and authentic version of this success. Get clear on what that is for you personally. Ask the universe for it by making a list.

III.            Clear anything in your life (relationships, places, jobs, clothes, relationships, housing) that are standing in the way of you receiving this intention.  Ex. you are ready for a full commitment in your life with a life partner, but your current partner never desires deep commitment and marriage.  Positively and consciously un-couple to create space for your life partner to come into your life.  

THE WORK | Do the work to expand your worth, remove your limiting belief system and shift your energy so that you can open up and receive these intentions you are calling in.  You may have your own techniques for doing this, or you may need guidance.  If so, I look forward to connecting over a session.

If you're looking to learn more about Lacy's manifestation formula, head over to our How to Manifest workshop where you'll learn the exact Formula with steps to integrate.

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