Career Transition



I’m a firm believer that life is too short. One’s work should be their desire. And they should be prosperous in this work.

With this said, I have a lot of clients that will come to me with the desire to shift their job form something safe to a passion. I have plenty of community that has done this. I have clients that have done this. I have done this. Anyone can do this.

But before we can get to the fun process of Manifestation and working with The Universe, I’m going to share with you a few steps first. For most of the people I know that have been greatly successful at this shift, they checked their boxes by getting these ducks in a row.

REALLY GOOD AT | before jumping off the cliff to simply become a writer, poet, blogger, actor, or whatever your dream may be, first figure out what you are REALLY good at and have TONS of experience in. Then turn that into a service so that you have complete freedom of schedule. Some of the best actors I know were acting coaches while they were on their path to booking huge roles. Another actor I knew really had the easiest plan figured out about how to hit LA running once you moved here. What areas to live in, the agencies to submit to, what classes to attend, where to work, so he consulted new actors for a very reasonable fee to save them about a year of trial and error time.

Maybe you worked in the corporate world forever and now you are a health consultant. BAM you know the ins and outs and needs of the corporate world. Build services completely catering to their physical and emotional health. Here is a GREAT book on this. Read it asap. 

LIGHTEN THE LOAD | before anything, it’s imperative to lighten your financial load. Pay off debt (school debt is the exception). Pay off credit cards and pay off cars. Find the best deal on everything: your phone plan, health insurance, car insurance, etc. Get rid of the fluff such as cable, and nonsensical extras as such. The most important of all is cheap rent. Downsize. You should be paying the least amount possible while still having a nice home environment. If you own, get a roommate or Airbnb your extra room. Move to the gentrifying area. You get the point. 

The objective to prepare for your shift into a new career is to have the lowest amount of overhead possible.

FUND | pad your savings to six months worth of living. Because your financial load is so light now, that should be easy. You should be able to easily live off six months worth of savings while you are getting your business off the ground/ making this transition.

DATE | set a date to have this all completed by. This should be easy if you’re miserable in a current job and wanting to entrepreneur. Or maybe you just want to move to another job in a another field. Whatever it is, accomplishing the above will give you tiny victories to pass while knowing that the hated job is coming to an end. Whatever you do, set a date to have all above in place. This date is different for everyone and each of their individual circumstances. For me, it was six months when I was leaving my last and final horrendous job.  For others it’s three, where another can be a year.

Once you have answers to each of these tasks (you don’t have to have it all accomplished but you do need ideas and answers), then we can connect over a session to talk about how to use Manifestation to ease this process with help, answers, and gifts from The Universe. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips