Manifestation Boundaries

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When manifesting, boundaries are very important. Manifestation is your direct relationship with The Universe. And it requires a very clear conversation, communication, and fearless trust. For me, personally, it is the most intimate relationship I have, and the only one that I trust 100% of the time. But trust, communication, and commitment were earned.

And a major part of that was due to setting up manifestation boundaries. I spent too many years telling family and friends my non-secular or liner plans. And like anything progressive and not mainstream, to conservative people my plans activated fear, jealousy, worry, and lack of support.  And without fail, I gained their respect once I’d Manifest and accomplish every single one of my plans. But had I reserved from sharing my plans with so many neigh sayers, I would have arrived much quicker at my destination(s).

Now I’m like a rock and Manifestation is a constant word in my personal vocabulary expected and accepted respectfully by everyone around me, but until I manifested countless large synchronistic subjects – exactly specific to what I called in – my beliefs would be subtly malleable to my surroundings. For this, I encourage client’s to set up Manifestation boundaries.


i. May it be your mother, best friend, partner, grocer, or the Pope, If they don’t 100% believe in your ability to create or succeed in what you are manifesting, you MUST create a manifestation boundary with them.

ii. Manifestation is not thought based, it is belief based. Anytime your beliefs are challenged, they can waver.

iii. If your beliefs waver, what you are manifesting will not show up or will be delayed. 

Example.  You’ve started a new business. From the beginning, your father hasn’t supported it as it sounds like a dream and not a practical financial plan. It’s picking up minor momentum as you begin to believe in it more. But every time you have a setback, you share openly with your father. He always advises that it was a good shot, but fold the business and go into something practical. He is not a bad father. He only feels this way because he is concerned for your security and wellbeing. But what do fear + fear get? Failure.

iv. You can set these boundaries however you like. You can simply avoid topic, or switch to a new topic, or you can have an honest conversation setting the boundary. Even if you lie to this person (“business is surprisingly great”), that won’t affect your manifestation karma. IF you need other tools, I have plenty. Whatever you do, a boundary needs to be set.

v. Every time you confide in the people that don’t 100% believe in what you are manifesting – especially if you are confiding due to loneliness and pity – you are sending a clear message to The Universe that you don’t trust in your communication or relationship with it. You are creating a gray intention rather than a clear one. And as always, gray subjects - or no subjects - show up rather than the clear one manifested.

When I was leaving my last toxic job, “because I’d rather follow my heart than live in misery,” I was met with resistance from both of my parents. “But retirement Lacy? Benefits? Medical? You’re a teacher; you get so much time off? You’re not going to always love your job.”  I stopped talking to them about how I was paying off all my debt, and putting 40% of my check into savings each month in preparation of starting something else after the school year wrapped.

When I finally left, guess whom I turned to, to ask what my next path should be? The Universe. It told me that my path would be this. Guess whom I consulted when I didn’t have any money coming in? The Universe, it showed me where to turn to learn how to make more.

Now guess who never, ever questions the moves I make or the things I’m manifesting in my life anymore? My parents.

This boundary goes for all subjects one is manifesting regardless of how closer your relationship is with the person that doesn’t believe in the success of what you are calling in.

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