Discovering Your Trust Muscle


Working with The Universe is such a counter intuitive relationship. Most of us, generally speaking, were taught through society (teachers, parents, media, and schooling) to follow a pretty specific formula. Go to school. Get a job. Work hard. Get married. Have kids. Retire. Die.

This is very general but pretty much sums up society’s message. Nowhere in society’s formula – for the most part - did it encourage you to take time to build a relationship with your intuition, ask yourself to really tap into what makes you happy, communicate on a daily basis with The Universe to show you or guide you towards that, and trust it fearlessly above anything else. ANYTHING.

Right, the formula that I learned from society certainly didn’t impart this unto me. And I’m roughly 90% sure that it didn’t encourage it in you either.

So, working with The Universe is counterintuitive because it’s asking you to discover a muscle that you a) don’t know that you have, b) barely know that you have, or c) partially know that you have. Then once you discover that you have this muscle, the VERY counter intuitive part of working with The Universe is then asking you do the most incredibly scary thing any human can face in a lifetime – trust.

Trust is a muscle; and it’s a muscle that can only be strengthened through exercising it.

And a real problem with - generally speaking - society’s formula for life is that it is a life of forcing and controlling.  Because whenever we force anything, we aren’t tapping into our intuition and communicating with The Universe. We are controlling, which means that we are suppressing. Even more alarming, we are suppressing all the magic that something could be.

If you have yet to have ever manifested something, or yet to experience how absolutely incredible it is when intentions that you put out into The Universe so perfectly transpire in your life, then your trust muscle is VERY weak. Rightfully so!!


I want every one of you tonight to take whatever little or big part of your life that you’ve been anxious about, worried about, or - more importantly - controlling, and I want you to sit down and ask The Universe to:

i.               Take this pressure off your shoulders and show you exactly what you should do about it.


ii.               I want you to literally let it go. That’s right. Stop kicking it around in your head, freaking out about it, obsessing over it, or CONTROLLING it.

iii.              And take the next three weeks to trust that you will receive the solution, answer or clarity.

This answer, solution, or clarity will show up in any one or multiple ways: dreams, feelings, intuitive downloads, articles in a magazine, a billboard, commercial, in conversation with friends. It's up to you to be open and receiving. 

Once you have this clear connection with The Universe, I want you to start thinking about how you want your formula of life to be. Not the one society created for you. Clients new to Manifestation often ask me, “well how do you completely know that The Universe will answer me when I’ve asked?” To which I always reply, “Because I’ve never had a client that hasn’t received their answer.” 

Fearless trust in The Universe is one's own personal key for unlocking the door to freedom. Using Manifestation to work in alignment with trust is your personal formula for walking through the door - into a new world. 

Discover your trust muscle... then let’s connect over a session about how take that conscious communication and use Manifestation tools to harness your path rather than society’s formula.

If you're looking to learn more about Lacy's manifestation formula, head over to our How to Manifest workshop where you'll learn the exact Formula with steps to integrate.

Photo | Juliette Favat

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