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Hormone cycles offer a really great window into manifestation. Namely menstruation and the week after you’ve completed it (your follicular phase – when your body is preparing to release an egg for ovulation). Our society has certainly evolved into one that doesn’t synch up with or honor the four cycles we go through in a month, most importantly during menstruation. Menstruation was a time that was revered by native cultures as the most intuitive for women. They were sent off to their own moon huts to go inward, connect deeply with their intuition, and then come back with any insight they gathered, during that time, for the tribe. In today’s society, women and are looked at as hysterical, unpredictable, or better yet, just shove something up there and keep on keeping on per usual.

However, our cycle is when we have the lowest levels of energy due to the rise in estrogen. This is also when we tend to be the most anxious, depressed, worried, and tired. Even more intense is when we suffer from hormone imbalance and have severe PMS, our body is literally asking us to go inward, rest, and connect with ourselves. How many of us listen to this? Not many, I can assure you. Well, hopefully this article will inspire otherwise. This is the time when you connect most deeply with The Universe (your intuition – which is your direct communication from The Universe). TAP IN! I implore you!

When you stop resisting this natural time of depth and heaviness and actually connect, you’ll realize that your life will synch up with your unique and natural path and simply start flowing with The Universe.

MOON MANIFESTATION | get out your cycle tracker and for the next couple of months, try to unscheduled the 4-7 days you menstruate. If you do engage in social outings, make sure they are cozy ones with your nearest and dearest where you can 100% be yourself.

b. Go inward. Society offers us A LOT of ways to try and distract the blues or loneliness of this time. However, you are never lonely because you are with yourself and The Universe. Take this time to practice a lot of self-care and connection. Journal the insight that is coming up for you. Usually, during our cycle we receive the same worry's that aren’t very loud during the rest of the month: “leave this partner, transition from this job, this city isn’t working for me anymore, move, start that hobby I’ve been wanting to start, this friend isn’t any good for me, find new and more evolved community, deepen my relationship with my mom.” You get it.

c. SELF-CARE. Take medicinal baths. Make yourself tonics. Order quality food. Practice light yoga. Catch up on reading. Pull your cards. Go inward and nurture yourself. This is a very sacred time for you to connect with yourself and listen to the wisdom that The Universe is trying to convey to you all the time; however during this time, your antenna is stronger.

FOLLICULAR MANIFESTATION | once you’ve transitioned from your cycle and entered into the follicular phase, you have a lot more energy and pep. This is a great time to harness this energy and focus it towards your manifestation practice. If we’ve worked together, this is a great time to activate the work I’ve asked you to do. Make your list. Be in the world. Find your Seeing is Believing(s), start new projects, and simply engage with life. This is the time to start the baby steps towards shifting with all the insight you received during your cycle. And it’s a great time for us to work together for it’s when your mind will be most open to receive new information and ways to go about your life.  

So rather than dreading that you are a women that sheds blood and becomes “crazy” every month, stop buying into the societal programming and marketing and start tapping back into what the opportunity of being a woman really means. You have been granted the gift of immense intuition, so start working with it and honoring it. You are so very lucky. If you start living by this cycle rather than society’s you won’t ever question if you’re on the right track in your life. You’ll simply be on it.

Photo | Juliette Favat

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