What Not To Do No. 3 • Manifestation

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It's been a while since I've done a "What Not To Do" manifestation post. This one is a little bit of a hybrid because everything, and obviously so much more, on my manifestation list, has come to fruition. 

I felt like as we gear up for UNBLOCKED Opulence, surrounding manifestation and money, it's VERY important for me to show you that I struuuuuugggggllleeed. I'm just like you (whether you struggled in this department or another. I've struggled with them all at one point. I believe so that I could lead you guys out of it.) A few too many nights on the floor crying and hating my job (to keep count of). So if this is you by any stretch of the feelings involved in this journal entry, I'm here giving you a hug. you are not alone. Ever! And you're capable of manifesting any of your heart-centered intents.

BACKGROUND | During this period I was at my last and final serving job in LA. Something I had been doing for five years. I spent much of this particular year following the teachings of a very famous manifestation book by a very famous pop new age manifestation author that many of us know. Its suggestions were the following:

1. Get into the vibration of LOVE. Spend each day getting into that vibration by using the mantra I love ______ as you list the things you love all day. So embarrassing, but this was me in the car in traffic, 'I love my health, I love my boyfriend, I love Big Sur, I love my bag....' For a whole year that was me in the grocery store, in the car, at a bar, before bed and just about anywhere else. I was constant.

2. It also suggested that I act as if I am or have what I'm asking for. Hense, dress for the job that I'm manifesting. If you are calling in a partner, set the bed every night as if they are already there. Yada yada. 

3. And while I'm already "pretending" to be a version of myself that I have not grown into subconsciously, "feel" the vibration while I'm doing it. 

4. Also, visualize what I want to stay in vibration with it. 

Guess what job I manifested next?!! It was certainly not this list. In fact, it was the most toxic job to date. I was not making that amount. It was eight hours a day. Five days a week. And I've never been in a more toxic co-working environment (due to the hierarchy faculty). 

What I truly manifested was the ultimate lesson I needed. The job that would finally burn my self-worth so bad, that I would be forced to never touch the fire of working for someone else again. So that I would start my own business as it intended for me. And that's precisely what I did after.

So why didn't these techniques work?  


1. I was practicing a shit-ton of spiritual bypass. "Trying to get into 'vibration' with what I wanted. Pretending to be something that I was not. Using spiritual materialism. Oh, you better believe it! I had all the crystals in all the right spots. 

2. I was not expanded in what I was calling in next. And I especially wasn't expanded financially

3. The most important of all!!! I didn't have the subconscious worth. It really does all come back to this. In my subconscious, I was still looping on the programming that: I'm only worth a job in service (servitude). 

I look forward to seeing you in UNBLOCKED Opulence so as to get this ball rolling before the New Year. If you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session

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