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I, like many of you, used to restrict and omit the first couple of months of the New Year trying to keep something that I resolved to do. As a former model and actress, much of it usually revolved around weight - further deepening my already unhealthy body image at the time. 

Then about seven years ago, I sat down and philosophized about the notions of resolving things (or actions) from my life. Both seemed unhealthy and an already negative footing into the New Year. This was right about the time that I was beginning to figure out my Manifestation Formula and how the energetics of the universe actually works. And it all centers around authenticity and self-worth. Two things that weren't super in alignment with taking up resolutions to be healthier ("thinner"), or give up certain foods ("eating disorder"), or vices.... I shifted the focus to doing the work to accept myself, love myself, and unblock what actually made me want to reach for exterior things to comfort me. (Interestingly enough, over time, organically resulting in those resolutions that I had initially set so many years ago.) Therefore, to begin each New Year on a whole, accepted, authentic footing. Not fleeting restrictions.  

But because I LOVE holiday traditions, and I didn't want to miss out, I shifted my practice to setting New Year's intentions. Calling in the elements that I was consciously aware of wanting to bring into my life in the year ahead. It was actually this yearly practice that helped me to fine-tune and formulate my Manifestation Formula, for as the year would end, I'd look back and see that I had manifested most everything I intended to. And that's exactly what I'll be doing this holiday weekend in a very sacred space in Scotland - which was a ping I received early this year. And I said yes. So we'll see what Scotland has to show me. 

Note, that I used to make intention lists that were incredibly ineffective, like this onethis one, and this one. There is a process and finesse to this setting intentions and calling in manifestations, which you can learn in How it Manifest VIDEO Workshop that launched today! For those of you in it, I am incredibly excited to be calling in my 2018 Manifestations beside you during this very special portal of energy. We are each connected and I so look forward to seeing what your intentions and manifested subjects turn out to be!  

Other little tips worth switching restriction with are:

i. Intending to learn something you've been meaning to learn. Last year mine was to teach myself Adobe Illustrator, which I did. 

ii. Self-care. Intending to invest in yourself, advocate for yourself, or putting yourself forward. Last year, I intended to get a massage after every full day of clients to put myself back into my body and calm my nervous system. And guess what, the money easily manifested to make that happen! 

Think of ways that you can enhance your life rather than create more hamster-wheels!  


Manifestation with Lacy Phillips