Closing Portals

free-and-native-chair-light-hat Closing Portals

1.     Manifestation is all about fine-tuning your senses and reading the energy, which is much more practical and logical than you’d imagine.

2.     One area of life transcends into all others.

When you are calling in specific subjects - work, partnership, more income, community, a baby and so on – there must be space for them to come through. Crisp, clear space. If something is energetically filling that space, there simply isn’t room for your subject to come through.

If you’re calling in community but you are busy with work and don’t even have time to fit in new friendships, there isn’t space.

If you’re still in a relationship that isn’t serving you but you’re calling in a better job, raise, or higher position, the toxicity of that relationship is energetically blocking the space of career and other areas of your life.

If you’ve made the conscious choice that you are only focusing on your passion as your career, you’ve expanded your beliefs, and all signs point to a flow that this is the right choice, then if you don’t pass the tests, you haven’t created open trusting space for your passion opportunities to flow through.

If you’re calling in a high vibe, committed partner but you’re still going on dates with anyone and sleeping with them, you are signaling very clearly to The Universe that you don’t trust it and you don’t feel deserving of what you want. It’s like constantly eating appetizers instead of creating space for the nice main course.

If you are emotionally unavailable to yourself due to pain and trauma you’ve experienced in your life, an emotionally available partner can’t come through.

You can do everything else in my manifestation formula but if you don’t have clear space available, it simply won’t show. And whatever does show up in the meantime is a lesson.

How do you close a portal? There is no magic? There is no superstition involved. You simply get clear with your actions and energy. Remove or close the old. And begin passing lessons.

This is one of the reasons why clients and I continue working together. It’s simple for me to see right away what’s creating physical, personal, emotional, or energetic blocks, as well as detecting if what is showing up is a lesson or a test. It’s sometimes very tricky to read your own energy when you’re in it. Forgive yourself for that. It takes practice. But space has to be available to receive. Or you can learn all about space, tests, and how to expand in How to Manifest Workshop

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