A Completed List No. 3


#NATIVEmanifestationtribe • Throat clear, minor choke, a little bit of butterflies in my stomach sharing this. Ok, actually a lot of nerves. But as promised, I gave you my word that I would continue to show you my Manifested Lists regardless of how vulnerable they are.

We couldn’t find the key to our basement door since I moved in last summer, so we finally had a locksmith come out this weekend and open it up. I was after three of my late grandmother’s vintage books down there when I found this old notebook stacked with them in a box.

I dusted it off and have loved going through every page. I wrote this journal entry one and a half months after meeting Max. And It wouldn’t be for another month until I’d expanding my Manifestation services to the public.

Here is my mushy, candid, embarrassing letter to The Universe. I write them when I feel compelled. And as The Universe has always provided in the past, everything on this list was completed:

i.               I know that many of us were taught that it’s rude to talk about money. If you’ve worked with me, you’ve learned my Manifestation Formula surrounding money. And rule number one is that it is all energy. Rule number two is that it all comes from The Universe. I don’t think it’s rude to talk about money. In fact, I encourage my clients to have financial conversations with their Expanders in order to expand and surpass their subconscious beliefs as to how much they can make. The more details they learn from their expanders, the more expanded they can become, allowing more space for the energy of money to come through.  

I have since surpassed the numbers asked for in this letter. And for that, Universe, I’m undying grateful. Especially coming from a girl that grew up on a ranch, in a small town, and created a business out of thin air with zero budget to speak of. 

ii.              As most of you know, Max and I got engaged in Big Sur this last January. It was perfect in every way. He knows me so well. Even down to this men’s Victorian pinkie ring.

iii.            Healthcare was also perfectly taken care of. But that one is less exciting to go on about.

I hope if this list does anything, it shows the I'm weird, vulnerable, controlling, and crazy just like everyone else. 

For those in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session or over THE TOOLS.     

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips


For those that have realized manifested subjects, drop a line with your story, or share it on Instagram #NATIVEmanifestationtribe. I have many to share from clients that help keep the rest of us in an energy of collective magnetism and support.