When I survey my clients that manifest with ease and frequency, they share four common qualities – pillars if you will. I’m going to break each pillar down over the next few weeks in effort to explain my new Manifestation workshop, MAGNETISM, which I’ve launched in order to impart how anyone can reclaim and develop their own unique version of these qualities. Today we are going to focus on the first, confidence.

You’ve heard me write at length on here regarding how “stepping into your worth or raising self-worth” is what common New Age Manifestation materials refer to as “raising your vibration”. Therefore, any of you that have worked with me have instantly seen very kismet intentions met the moment you’ve left a relationship, job, or situation that weren't serving you – a direct effort to create space and activate trust in The Universe for what you do want. It’s a way to see instant magnetism. If we break down the energetics under the constant energy behind “stepping into your worth or raising your self-worth”, what lies beneath it is confidence. If we further reduce confidence, the root of confidence is trust in yourself. If we further reduce trust in yourself, it’s a very sturdy, developed trust in your native essence. That is confidence.

Stay with me here. “trusting in yourself” can be tricky because it is usually trusting in a series of illusionary ego-personas we’ve picked up along the way, which validate us and give us a false sense of safety and trust, for when we were young, at large, most of us were raised by caretakers that didn’t have a strong trust in their native essence, so they couldn’t teach us a strong foundation in trusting our own. Or we could have experienced minor to large societal shame that discouraged us from trusting our native essence; therefor, conforming and latching on to ego personas (socially acceptable personas), which we then mistaken as our essence. This is why I call these illusionary, for they aren’t rooted in our native essence, they are rooted in false personas.

Native essence, on the other hand is our truest nature, soul, desires, and heart when all the programming is stripped away. It’s what we are born with, for It’s the core in the middle once the onion layers of programming have been peeled away. Listening, advocating, making decisions based on, and living a life that honors the needs of your native essence is called confidence.

When you meet people that are truly confident, not to be mistaken with ego-confidence, which tends to feel and look like inflated or overcompensating confidence. But heart-centered, non-ego, confident individuals, this is what you’re sensing. They have a firm trust in their native internal compass, even when it goes against society, the norm, the grain...

Let’s take an example. Say that client one was raised in a lower class, immigrant household that had quite a bit of tension between the parents. All children will take a peacekeeping role because all children desire harmony in a household and feel it’s their responsibility to fix any problems. They don’t understand the highly complex dynamics between human relationships when they are young. Just pure love. So, the client took the role on of being the “pride of the family” and “the way out” by being the academic who should become a lawyer because that’s a socially respectable and financially safe career that will “fix” the unhappiness of mom and dad. The client was also programmed that she has to be the prettiest and most popular due to the insecurities and shortcoming of her mother’s own unresolved shame and trauma for not having been those. But the child’s true native essence is quirky, artistic, vibrant, loud, fun, and loving. But being an incredible academic that is constantly receiving love for this begins developing an ego persona that is safe, and because art, quirkiness, loud and fun isn’t nurtured or understood, those feel more and more unsafe and untrustworthy. Therefore, total trust for this client’s self-worth will only feel safe and grounded when she is immersed in academics and achieving. All else will feel “insecure”- unable to trust herself when not achieving in academics.

Another example. Client two comes from a wonderful, peaceful home that nurtures his total authenticness and teaches him a lot of confidence. His native essence is structured, loves science and math, and is rather peaceful and soft. During elementary school, he develops a deep relationship with a bully at school. He plays the sidekick - unable to get under the thumb of this bully until the bully moves away during the end of high school. During the duration of their friendship, the bully has programmed into him that math and science, being soft, and peaceful are societal lame, but doing drugs, partying, and focusing on women are cool. He will develop an ego persona in which those illusionary non-native exterior validations will feel safe and create what he roots trust in.

There are four pillars that contribute to manifestors that keep them in constant magnetism and materializing their intentions. Confidence is one of them. Each of the four are just as important as the other, they work in tandem, and I sat for ages thinking about how I can teach this to my community in order to get everyone in a more magnetic state. Therefore, I came up with MAGNETISM. A workshop, which will focus on an overview of my manifestation formula, in order, followed by reclaiming each of these four pillars uniquely for yourself through deep subconscius re-wiring, and then you will learn the tools needed to focus on tapping in and reprogramming them yourself. I'm holding one in Los Angeles in August, and one in the in September. Stay tuned over the next three weeks to discover the other three pillars.

An aspect of next UNBLOCKED class is focused on discovering and bringing awareness to the programmed ego personas you’ve layered around you. 

If you're looking to learn more about Lacy's manifestation formula, head over to our Formula & Magnetism workshop where you'll learn the exact Formula with steps to integrate.

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