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Today we will cover the third pillar of magnetism – unbound. By now, most of you are privy as to why offering and teaching this new workshop is a deep passion of mine, for I created it out of the intent and knowing, in true Aquarius form, that absolutely any intention from one’s heart is possible of manifesting; Therefore, I diligently studied my most magnetic clients and connected the commonalities they share which create their powerful magnetizing ability to materialize most every intention they communicate to The Universe using The Formula.

We covered the first pillar here, and the second here. Today we will address Unbound. Unbound is the deep subconscious belief that one is capable of having, accomplishing, and materializing anything they want. Even if they don’t know how, there is an unbound core quiet confidence that they can and will have it one day in one way or another. They don’t live within the limits of their circumstances, they believe anything is possible, and they know that they can have anything they want.

Interestingly, though these clients come from extremely different backgrounds, socio economics, locations of the world, and current lifestyles, each share the fact that they are now monetarily abundant, they are living their life’s purpose, they are in loving compatible partnerships, and they are well regarded in each of their individual communities. They are “magnetic”. Prosperity, love, purpose, recognition, and quality friendships literally magnetize to them constantly.

(*I have individual permission from each to share this sensitive information) Two come from alcoholic homes, another was abused, two others immigrated to America completely culturally shocked at age six and the other for college, another came from obscene wealth, another was bullied during a lot of his upbringing, and the other six came from relatively healthy-ish backgrounds.

However, somewhere along the way – some more recently than others - the unbound notion that they don’t have to live by societies rules, and knowing they can have anything they want became a core belief that keeps them open. Not in a spiritual bypass “I wake up every morning and affirm in the mirror that I can have anything I want”, because we all know by now that though we can consciously tell ourselves that, it has to be reflected in the subconscious level, which can’t be reached through affirmations. So not only do they each share their version of confidence and living in their hearts, they also subconsciously project that anything is possible from a core belief.

Now, I will honestly report that about 75% of the clients that come to me are not unbound. Some self-aware of it, and others think they are until I dig around during our session and revel that their subconscious is projecting a whole different story through limiting beliefs, low self-worth, or other blocks picked up through societal, media, peer and parental programming.

The one magical thing I’ve watched over and over again, is that anyone is capable of shifting those and projecting a different story in order to align with their biggest manifestations. I so look forward to showing you how while walking you through this exciting workshop of reclaiming your innate unique magnetism and how to utilize The Formula. If you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session. Stay tuned for the final and fourth pillar.

Photo • Serafina LoGiacco

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