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We focused on the other three pillars – confidence, heart, and unbound - which create magnetism. Today I’ll highlight the final pillar: esteem. Self-esteem is by far the most important and the most magnetic, so I thought I’d save the best for last.


However, like the other pillars, when you reduce self-esteem down further, you arrive at complete and utter solid autonomy, balance, and acceptance. Meaning that you do not need imbalanced outside people, attention, or validation in order to complete, balance, or solve you. This is applicable to sex, relationships, shopping, sugar, eating, work, drinking… I mean this list could go on and on. One with self-esteem has everything they need within themselves, therefore they can engage in these relationships and activities in a balanced way and state of being.


There’s an internal balance, okay-ness, control, and not need to seek it from relationships or things.

You do not place anyone higher or lower than you. Even gurus or idols. A genuine feeling of equality.

Listens to other’s points of view, honors others difference, and takes accountability for their actions and doesn’t project them onto others.

Demonstrates self-respect, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-worth.

Doesn’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel good – especially if it doesn’t offer what they desire. (i.e. dating situations, friendships, relationships, jobs, living situations, opportunities, and experiences).

Open and comfortable with receiving.


Root causes of underdeveloped self-esteem or gaps in self-esteem: disapproving or ridicule from family or peers, bullying, trauma, religious programming (shame), body image programming, crisis (from small to big). Underdeveloped self-esteem in your primary caretakers, or emotional unavailability.

So, there you have it. All four pillars. I’m getting incredibly excited to share the THE TOOLS with you. I’ve already guinea pigged the process and tools to reclaim and reprogram these underdeveloped pillars in a handful of clients that had 2-4 missing or underdeveloped, and over three months we’ve seen a drastic difference in what’s shows up in their lives, how resentments they had completely dissolved, how they are able to feel into their heart and bodies for the first time, and engage in the world from a place of non-inflated ego, and how manifestations are beginning to show up and attract to them due to projecting from ENTIRELY different subconscious beliefs. So, excited to connect with you guys! No "think positive" or spiritual bypass here, which we all know simply keeps people in their handicapped comfort zones. So excited to connect with you LA and NYC!

If you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session.

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