Delusion, victimization, or blame are three of the biggest and seemingly safest defense mechanisms known to man. They seem to instantly solve our troubles and direct our pain somewhere outside of ourselves – which momentarily feels as if the pressure of pain has lifted. As if there’s been a solution. But sadly, delusion only keeps us orbiting in the same way – attracting the same experiences over and over and over again. Why, because whatever limiting belief, shadow, shame, pain or gap in self that we are projecting from subconsciously, continues to attract tension triggering relationships or dynamics over and over again in hopes that it will mirror our limits back to us, further-hoping that we can do the work to heal and shift it. Which means projecting from an entirely different state of being. And ultimately stopping that subject of attraction.

My process and practice has not time for those three handicaps. I have compassion for those that still use them in order to feel a false sense of safety; But there is nothing that I can do to help someone manifest that is pointing their finger outside of themselves.

I grew up in a household that was riddled with delusion, victimization, and blame. Therefore, though the house has changed, the person and everything inside of it or anything happening to it has not. I’m allergic to delusion, victimization, and blame. And if one is remotely trying to manifest, they will get absolutely no where if those tools are in their habit toolbox.

What I do nudge and encourage my clients (even when they aren’t fully ready for it) to do is one of the most PAINFUL and HARDEST practices in the world. I ask them to take accountability. Regardless of the person, dynamic, situation, or incident. Without accountability, we can’t begin to truly start investigating what root belief(s) we are projecting, which are continuing to attract the same situation, in a different form, over and over again.

Manifestation is all energetics. What we subconsciously project, we receive. Everything outside of us is a projection of the beliefs within our subconscious.


i.               Take a current subject giving you friction right now and ask yourself if you’ve ever been in a similar dynamic like this before?

ii.              If so, you attracted it from a very deep subconscious place inside of you that doesn’t feel worthy of being loved in this situation.

Knowledge is power. Let’s all stop pointing outward, and start empowering ourselves by doing the work to discover our root beliefs. Once we have that, we can use it to leverage how to heal and shift them. Which is precisely what we’ll be learning in the Magnetism Workshop. And addressing in UNBLOCKED Reparenting. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips