Body Image • Manifestation Demystified


Let’s get into. I’ve worked A LOT on body image. You can read more about it here.

However, today I’d like to get into the specifics of Manifestation and body image. Like you, I read the books that told me to “visualize” the body I wanted. “Act” as if I’m already in that state. I did a lot of that from the ages of seventeen to twenty-six when so much of my career, at the time, hinged on my body (modeling and acting). For someone who grew up in a family of women – on my maternal side – that based all of their value on the exterior, those years were deeply unhealthy. And though I love food far too much to have developed an eating disorder, I can honestly say that I went organic at seventeen because it’s what the models said they did in interviews. I went raw in my twenties because it’s what the actresses that aged well naturally said they did. So, in essence, my journey into health and wellness was deeply rooted in vanity – which could have easily been deemed as another disorder (and ultimately control).

That is until I developed some deep endocrine issues at twenty-seven; for that’s when my health focus greatly transitioned towards integrative living, balance, and feeling good. Now, I completely understand that I’ve been gifted with genetics that most of society deems fashionable and attractive. Like most things, those are simply media programming, for I’ve worked with countless “attractive” people that have very very low self-esteem (especially surrounding their bodies), something I myself suffered from quietly. This brings me to the topic at hand!

I don’t know about you, but none of the visualizing I did got my body to the extreme altered states I hoped for (thank God).  So, when clients come to me that are still orbiting in this way, I have to completely rewire their way of thinking about how all of this works!

Visualizing to become something other than what we are is one of the biggest Band-Aids for what’s truly below - underdeveloped self-esteem. It’s also energetically firmly communicates low self-worth to The Universe, which we know by now is one of the elements that blocks our magnetism from aligning with what we’re calling in.

Now this article is considering that someone is in their natural healthy state, and leads a balanced healthy lifestyle. (**If one is truly dealing with unhealthy habits, an unhealthy diet, and or an unhealthy state of living, I highly recommend reaching out to a professional for support.)

Otherwise, deep down when we are consciously and/or subconsciously projecting beliefs such as: ‘when I get those last ten pounds off, when I get these moles removed, because of my body shape I’m not lovable, because of my acne I’m not lovable, when, because…when, because…when, because…’ We all know this list and we all know that it runs very long.

In order to manifest incredible body image and confidence, it will never come from visualizing, staring at a model’s photo on your vision board, or acting as if you already have what you desire. Never. Affirmations even greatly failed me and clients for this. Why? Because we are essentially “wishing” to become something other than our authentic selves. This is a Band-Aid to escape who we really are, because we were taught through parent modeling, peers, society, media, or a traumatic shameful experience that what we are isn’t good enough.

Therefore, to truly remedy the root is to create massive power and magnetism through:

1.     Dissolving the parental, media, and peer programming we received that has created these limiting beliefs and low self-worth.

2.     Expand new beliefs and acceptance with each and every aspect of our physical that bothers us through expanders that have a physical aspect exactly like ours and we and society admires them for it.

3.     And lastly, using those expanders to get deep into the subconscious to reprogram the gaps in self-esteem that weren’t properly modeled or taught to us growing up (or we abandoned).  

I’m a huge supporter of anyone that has healthy goals in physical fitness, diet, and beauty when they aren’t coming from a place rooted in wishing they were different than who they are and needing it to feel lovable. Manifestation will never work from those places because The Universe’s only intention for us is to grow into our most whole, integrated, most powerful versions of self. I.e. Empowered self-worth!

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips