How To Manifest Together When In Partnership


A lot of you have reached out with the question, "how do I manifest when I'm in a partnership?" For instance, I had a woman ask me, "what if I want to manifest moving to California from London, but my husband doesn't want it?" 

Because manifestation is about the anchored energy of clarity, which you learn all about in The F&M workshop, when manifesting in a relationship, this means that you have two strong forces with their own autonomous energy, together. So when two people commit to a partnership, it's an energetic contract of combining energy. (Even the moment one has a physical relationship with another person and feelings develop, this energetic combining begins to happen - a huge lesson you learn in PARTNERSHIP as to why it's key to wait to get physical when manifesting a partner). Back to the point at hand, when already in partnership, you two are now co-creating together with the universe whether you're energetically aware of it or not, so the key is to get on the EXACT same page. 

If one of you desires one thing and the other is asking for another, you are both pulling in opposite directions, therefore, it's wishy-washy and not much can show up. 

I've had clients that are wanting to manifest a move together; however, though they both say that they are on the exact same page, one can subconsciously not want certain things on the list. And it delays the process. 

Or if one partner is working on Opulence and financial expansion but you have another that resents money and lives in very limited subconscious belief, then that partner can serve as a financial block in the duo. The partner would, therefore, want to also start working through Opulence so that you guys can direct the same energy. 

This is why it's rather important to double check that you two have the same goals, values, and desires before seriously committing. Now if you find yourself in a current partnership and you two have grown rather different, don't worry, there is manifestation hope!! 

 The key to manifesting in partnership is GASP, the same keys to a healthy relationship: communication and compromise! 


1. Learning how to communicate each other's needs and wants openly and safely. Make sure that you have picked up the book from our new TOOLS BOOK SOCIETY that went out in the Newsletter. We will have an open discussion about it on here in a couple of weeks and it gives one of the best communication tools of all time (along with so many other relationship gems).

2. Compromise is everything when manifesting in partnership. You can learn the process of manifestation in F&M; however, when it comes to crafting that list, you two better be calling in the same things or communicate until you can find the best itemized compromised versions of something. If one wants Los Angeles and the other wants Spain, it seems like you are both desiring a warm, spiritual, sunny environment. Therefore, finding alternatives that speak to both of you like Menorca. Find the compromise that would satisfy both partners! 



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