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The act of channeling is something we all have the capacity to access. And it's a very important conversation when it comes to living this life that is directed by pings, and the projection of your whole, worthy, authentic self - rather than what society has projected onto you. We must be able to listen. We must give over to becoming instruments of our co-creator - the universe. And it's actually much easier to tap into than one might think. 

Because, unless you had the most in-touch parents and community growing up, most of us were not taught how to tap into our intuition and allow for that to be our map throughout life. We were mostly taught the exact opposite - follow society's model for success in order to be loved. 

Well, here's the skinny truth, we are ALL capable of channeling. Just as you heard Sahara Rose and I talk about this in our EXPANDED Podcast ep. EVERYONE can channel. Now we all have unique forms of accessing our intuitive impulses such as Human Design lays out and we all have very unique purposes, but we are ALL able to channel. 

What does channeling mean? It means getting into a receptive state where we can begin to hear, feel, sense, or know the pings that are coming through for us! I've personally found, as have many of my friends that are healers find, that we tend to begin to notice the download of pings coming through when we are in a more feminine state of being. Again, both genders and all gender identities inhabit masculine and feminine energy so this applies to all people. Here are some tips to help you to begin channeling daily in order to create space for your pings, answers to tests, epiphanies of who are Expanders in life might be, and so much more. 


The hypnotic, or theta/delta state is one of the most feminine. Our nervous system is completely relaxed and our subconscious is forward. Meaning that all of our daily stresses and survival loops aren't in the way of hearing our answers and pings. I encourage you guys to ask the universe for answers or clarity you may be needed after your DI session has ended and the music is continuing to play. F&M has the DRE included in it which is perfect for this. Meditation is equal to this. Any form: free-form, breathwork, TM, Vedic...



The way I've found that I channel most clearly is in the morning. I have a rule that I don't engage with any of my devices until after I've gone outside and looked at the sun to nourish my circadian rhythms. Mind you, I wake up between 4:30-5:30, so that means that I get up and practice my Kriyas and do my daily yoga stretches to open up my up my energy centers, and then I go into my Vedic meditation. From the moment I wake up until I start looking at my devices, it's like a flood of information, teachings, life choices and answers that are coming through almost too quickly to journal them all out after my meditation. Also, the blue light on our devices is a major stimulant to our brain (like stimulating drugs) so they take us out of the feminine and into the masculine. 


Eating higher vibe food does make a difference. As does living a higher vibe life. Meaning keeping our vessels clean and pure (which varies for everyone) will open up our instrument so much wider to receive when our body isn't dealing with toxins and heavy digestion constantly. 


It is very important to get into the habit of asking the universe to show us. A process you learn about in the F&M. We have to be communicating to receive. As Maggie Harrsen so beautifully put it in our EXPANDED Podcast, "prayer is when you're communicating with source, and meditation is when you're receiving source's communication."

Now there are many ways to get into the state of channeling. I've tried most, from crystals to you name it. The most important things to remember are to explore WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU. And the biggest elements that can help you achieve this state the quickest are: when our nervous system is fully relaxed when we are in a feminine state of being, and when we don't have a ton of societal distractions. Explore your version of those until you begin to receive your pings, answers to tests, awareness of expanders, and your individual map of authentic essence through life.


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