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Calling in our MASCULINE community, and those that identify as masculine, to celebrate your manifestation journey. Manifestation can appear to be geared more towards the feminine, yet manifestation requires a balance of both the masculine and feminine energies. It isn’t just your sister’s, mother’s, and partner’s practice. Having our masculine community partake in this work is just as important and as you will see below, both energies are required in order to materialize every person’s manifestation journey.


The Masculine is a Powerful Energy

The masculine energy in manifestation is the force behind the active pursuits within the formula. For those who identify as masculine, realize that much of your innate energy is carrying out many of your manifestations! The masculine is what propels you to carry out your intentions and pursue your dreams.

Take a look at the How to Manifest Workshop: the action of calling in the LIST, seeking out the EXPANDERS, passing TESTS…these are all fueled by the masculine energy within us.

The masculine worth energy is also what drives abundance, especially with money. The masculine in motion sets up goals, income portals and actionable steps to call in abundance!

Welcoming in the Feminine

There is a contrived fear that many who identify as male or masculine face: the fear of vulnerability, of losing the strength of their masculine. This is purely programming, stemming from the fabricated idea of what masculine means in society: one must not be emotional, one must stay strong and avoid vulnerability: One must “man up.” One can’t be spiritual. Ridiculous! Clearly, these are gross over-generalizations, but even the most evolved and in touch still have received some sort of subliminal programming that to be such isn’t ok. Our strength and power comes from the conflation of both the masculine and feminine energy.

The feminine energy, relating back to the How to Manifest, is the subconscious work - it’s the process of reflecting, working through BLOCKS, trusting in the MAGIC DARK… the more fluid and emotional aspects of the manifestation process. To manifest, we must welcome in both energies.

Once all gender identities can shed all of the stigma and programming, and welcome all feelings - negative and positive - into the realm of consciousness, we will all be able to UNBLOCK and receive our lists.

Find Your Expanders

Who do you idolize and why? Seek out your expanders and ask yourself what about them you admire, what about them makes them powerful manifestors - paying close attention to how they intertwine their feminine and masculine energies. Clear space for these expanders to come through by stepping away from anyone in your life who does not represent what you are calling in. Expanders are very important for opening up your subconscious to believe that what you want is possible to manifest.


It's time to UNBLOCK the before-mentioned societal programming around “man up,” or the rejection of the feminine energy. In order to fully harness the power of the masculine, it is important to welcome the feminine. Use the DRE to UNBLOCK where in your childhood you picked up the belief that the feminine energy equates weakness? Or, where you feel now that your masculine energy may be holding you back? Where are you out of balance? It’s okay to ask yourself these questions as they will help you along your path to discovering who you actually authentically are and what you authentically want. It's time to reconnect with your totally authentic self and project from that state of worth.

Think Big

Where do you see an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy in society right now? You can act as an expander for your community, your family and your friends as you begin to fully harness your masculine and welcome in your feminine. The balance of energies will only make you a more powerful manifestor!

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