Money & Guilt

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Money is one of the most popular topics when it comes to manifestation. We are all seeking abundance, especially as the New Year nears the horizon. Yet, as much as we’re all ready to call in more opulence, most of us aren’t even aware of what energies and BLOCKS might be holding us back from receiving. You can learn more about how to overcome such blocks and how to understand the energetics of money in UNBLOCKED Opulence, but for now - let’s take a look at GUILT.

The energetics of guilt can come into play in all areas of manifestation, but it seems to hang the most heavy when we’re working with money. Guilt around money can come from a feeling of unworthiness or from deeply rooted societal programming that if we ask for more, we are greedy.

We are souls living in the physical plane. And on the physical plane, we deserve to have whatever we physically desire from our core authentic essence. It’s when we start feeling guilty for what we’re putting on our manifestation lists or calling in, that we need to start evaluating what deeper programming we have yet to release.

Here’s the wildest pattern that I’ve noticed throughout my practice, as Jim Carey once said well, “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer.” Meaning that until we satisfy all that we “want”, and obtain freedom from survival, it’s hard to get on to the more meaningful questions and wants in our life. Look at Siddhartha (Buddha). He “had” everything as a prince and then was able to go explore true enlightenment through detachment and the end of suffering.


Stop feeling guilty for what you want. Once you get it it all, you’ll most likely move into the depths of your truths. I know that this has been true for me.

I have a great podcast episode coming out on The Lifestylist Podcast tomorrow where we cover only money the entire ep. Make sure to give it a listen.

Guilt of Abundance

Calling in abundance - or upon receiving abundance - can trigger major guilt as we start looping thoughts of: “Well, I’m okay with what I already have. I can get by,” “Who am I to want all of this abundance.” This guilt communicates to the Universe that we actually do not believe ourselves to be deserving of the abundance we’re calling in and thus will block our manifestations from realizing. Yet, we all deserve to have whatever we physically desire from our core authentic essence. Ask yourself where this programming has developed and take it through UNBLOCKED Inner Child, or the specific trigger through the DRE.

We may also start to experience guilt once we begin to receive our manifestations or abundance. Fears that our newfound abundance will be taken away, or disappear, or people will judge us or not like us may surface. Take these fears and triggers through the DRE to unblock old programming. Push past these fears and continue your magnetic flow with NEXT LEVEL within UPLEVEL. Reach your authentic potential while shedding programmed guilt of greed.

Familial Guilt

Money and family can be quite triggering for many. As parents, we might carry guilt of not providing enough for our children or for calling in manifestations for oneself. Shedding this guilt, reprogramming where it may have developed within you in your own childhood and calling the abundance or material items you authentically desire will increase your magnetism and get you in your FLOW. As long as there is love, there is abundance. When you can slip out of the guilt of “lack,” more will effortless flow your way and thus benefit your family as a whole!

Guilt can also develop in the minds of children as they become adults and perhaps supersede the successes of their parents. Or, as one spouse begins to earn more or call more in than the other spouse. Take the individual triggers that come up around family and money through the DRE. Plus, the more abundance we call in and the more magnetic we become, the more chance we have of serving as EXPANDERS for our loved ones.

Guilt & The Wise

Post-retirement we are programmed by society to accept complacency. This is changing more so in the new age of technology with more opportunities for people of all ages to continue in the workforce. Yet, we are still not immune to the guilt of “wanting more.” Work through these triggers of guilt in the DRE and discover areas in your own life and the life of your community that you would be able to improve upon once you receive the abundance you’re manifesting. 

Guilt can transform abundance into what feels like a heavy burden, but guilt is nothing other than our own subconscious programmed fears of being seen as “greedy” or feeling unworthy. Taking each trigger that surfaces as you call in abundance through the DRE. There is no shame in UPLEVELing our circumstances. Work through NEXT LEVEL to explore how you can further your magnetism and achieve all that your core authentic self desires. Alternatively, you can work through the RUT (also within UPLEVEL) if you find yourself in a cycle of guilt, lack and an extended period of little to no manifestations coming through.

The more magnetic we become, the more able we are to contribute back to the world we live in and serve as EXPANDERS to inspire the whole wide world around us to grow into their most authentic selves.

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