The Universe Never Punishes You


The Universe never punishes you

This statement might be hard to digest when you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or hitting a rockbottom. The idea that we can be punished is a superstition that can block us from seeing what we are being gifted. 

Every wave that hits is a gift from the Universe, pushing you back onto your correct path or arriving as a teacher to help you reach a higher state of manifestation. Navigating these lessons can be the hardest part of the experience, yet you will soon find your feet beneath once you realize that whatever you might be going through is truly a gift. Once unwrapped, navigating the gift is what will propel you to UPLEVEL your circumstance and best align your self-worth, deservingness and authentic path.

With the holiday nearing, we’ll introduce you to how you can unwrap the gifts you may not yet see in your current situation.



A Rockbottom is when you feel as though an event or series of events in a short period of time has knocked you completely off your grounding. These can be financial, health-related, career-related, etc. Most often we find ourselves asking “Why me?” in agony. Rockbottoms can hurt, they’re tough and they bring us face-to-face with our biggest fears. 

The gift in a Rockbottom is that the Universe is showing us that a manifestation is trying to come through that we’ve been consciously or unconsciously calling, yet our worth isn’t aligned enough with it for it to materialize. The Universe is literally knocking us to align our worth. It is how we respond to the Rockbottom that will determine how we maneuver out of our circumstance.

If you’re in a Rockbottom right now, take a moment to be present and take inventory of what you may be calling in. Take inventory of where your self-worth lies currently and before the event that induced a Rockbottom occurred. Take a deep breath in gratitude as you’re about to journey out of it with greater teachings and more aligned worth that can take you to the Next Level of manifestation. It is when we choose not to seek out the gift in the Rockbottom that can then throw us into a Rut. 


We find ourselves in a Rut when we’re stuck in a cycle of negativity, or a period of time when nothing is working or coming through no matter how hard we try. You’ve strayed far from your authentic self and have been ignoring PINGS that are meant to guide you back to your authentic self. 

This can feel far from a gift when you’re in the thick of it, but fear not. You’re in this Rut to gain the tools and lessons you need to prepare you for your authentic path soon to come. Seek out EXPANDERS who have suffered through Ruts to then become highly successful. Most often the area in our life where we are experiencing a Rut is a key to where our purpose lies. The sooner you are able to see the gift, the lessons and the purpose within your Rut, the sooner you’ll be able to find your authentic path.


Perhaps you’ve made it through a Rockbottom or Rut and feel as though manifestations have been flowing ever since, but have recently since plateaued. Your magnetism and aligned worth is only taking them so far. This is a gift as the Universe is telling you that you need to work on your subconscious beliefs of deservingness. 

The energetics of deservingness are much more magnetic than those of worthiness - although, both very important in the manifestation process. Take your list through the DRE and pinpoint where you still lack the belief that you are deserving of what you’re calling in. Ask yourself: why?

We are all deserving of calling in anything our true authentic essence desires. Once you can UNBLOCK the programming that leads you astray from truly believing this, you’ll unlock the gift and transcend to the Next Level of manifestation. 

It’s often difficult to find the gift hidden inside personal turmoil or stress-of-situation. Yet unlocking the gift within each of our circumstance is the key to empowering ourselves, wherever we are, to move forward in our journeys and thrive on our authentic paths.

Let this be Your gift to yourself this season.

Give yourself the time to reflect inward on your situation, take inventory of what you’ve been calling in and where your manifestations have fallen short. This personal insight and time of introspection is the greatest gift as it allows us to see where we could still benefit from the work of unblocking, expanding, integrating and discovering our truest authentic selves. Yet as you work through this time, resist the urge to be hard on oneself. Each moment and circumstance is a gift waiting to be unwrapped. When we accept in grace and with gratitude, we are more able to enjoy this opportunity to UPLEVEL.


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