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Vision Holding For Our Children

We’re stoked to see how many people are resonating with the new pieces we’ve been introducing on the blog as we aim to show how manifestation can be a way of life for people of all for every one, in all moments of their lives. Check out our last PARENT piece about how we can foster our children’s magnetism and authenticity.

No, we cannot manifest for our children, but we can become powerful vision holders and expanders in their magnetism and manifestation journey by simply projecting “authentic worth” instead of “low self-worth.” It can be all too easy to energetically project onto our family after stress, health issues, financial burdens, shadows, and the loop of subconscious limiting beliefs. However, there is an energetic hack, when we are in these states of distress, it is very powerful. It's a well-known concept in the art world or retail world that when a product or a piece has been sitting unattended to for a long amount of time, it continues to await or lose its value. However, like plants, or animals, or innate objects, when you simply go and project life, worth, love, and "see" them, they instantly get bought. Have you ever heard about the age-old belief that when you tell a plant how wonderful it is, it begins to grow? This is called an energetic projection. They can be healthy and warm or unhealthy and cold.

The same applies to ourselves and our children (or any loved ones). When we consciously take the time to project warmth and acknowledgment, truly perceiving their authenticity in acute honest ways, they literally project a brighter and more magnetic aura.


But here is food for thought. When we are in a rut, rock-bottom, or we have many limiting subconscious loops of unworthiness constantly projecting, regardless of how hard we "try" to consciously project warmth and worth, it's still being battled energetically. Therefore, to be able to fully show up in this practice as caretakers, we must first do the work on ourselves, serving as expanders and vision holders for them.

I love this story from the owner of New High Mart, Richard. where he shared that, “when you give extra love to an item, someone buys it right away.” He noticed this with people, too. When he projected extra love and appreciation to his friends and employees and vision-held for them, he noticed that good things would fall into place for them. For example, one employee would often stop into the store to pick up something before her auditions. Each time she did, he would give her honest and genuine notice of her worth and authenticity. His words weren’t fake affirmations or “positive thinking,” but genuine projections from a place of love. And, each time he did so, she would return with news that she got the parts.

If we project worth and notice authenticity from a genuine, authentic space within, we can vision hold for our children. With UPLEVEL, you will learn how to navigate rising to the next level of magnetism and authenticity; even if you are currently in a rut or rock bottom. Our children will feel and observe the energetic shifts within us and begin to UPLEVEL on their own as well.

We also have the power to vision hold for our own parents, and the WISE have the power to vision hold for their children, who may have children of their own.

UPLEVELing in our magnetism is not only for us to receive all that we want, but it's a conscious pursuit to elevate our planet, our human family, our family or origin, peers, and community. It's consciousness. However, it must start with us.


i. Use the tools in UPLEVEL to learn your own authentic code (which are four unique elements) and your children so that you are able to honestly "see" their authenticity (and your own). This will enable you to own your own authenticity and vision hold for theirs as well. Then you will have solid footing for how to genuinely project these energetics on them regularly rather than old inherited ones that aren't serving any of us.

ii. Beforehand, with the purchase of UPLEVEL, you will also receive complimentary access to UNBLOCKED No. Begin to work through areas of your life that may be draining you energetically or not serving you.

iii. Use the bonus DI inside to reinforce a new neural pathway of worthy energetic space of vision holding.

iv. And try this quick practice daily to stay grounded.


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