How Do I Balance Forcing vs. Just Sitting Back and Trusting The Universe?


While wrapping up our epic month of GROWTH this week, we wanted to answer a Q that I get a lot in my manifestation client practice: 

how do I balance forcing my manifestation vs. just sitting back and trusting that The Universe will send it?

This Q couldn't be more fitting for growth, for most people need to delayer and UNBLOCK in order to trust and magnetize. And a whole lot of growing goes on during that time. I also cover the trust muscle. So kick back and enjoy this video, SUBSCRIBE because we have a lot more coming! And make sure to share with a friend that is still stuck in pop, spiritual bypass manifestation comfort zone - with nothing coming their way! 

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"So a question that I get often is how much do I have to put in effort versus just sit back and trust the universe and I like to say that it's called co-creating with the universe for a reason, you have your part. So old, new age manifestation rhetoric always talks about make your vision board, visualize and then what you want will come to you and that's actually really called comfort zone because you would have your thing if that was happening, right? Nothing has changed in your life, therefore nothing's coming.

And the big thing that I figured out was you actually have to do your part in order for that stuff to magnetize to you of what you're calling in, meaning you need to show up and go out and expand, you need to pass tests and lessons, you need to unblock your limiting self-worth, unblock on the physical plane and why that's so important all of that's doing is it's wiping away the layers of programming you've received in this life that aren't allowing you to be your most magnetic, authentic self.

That place, that magnetism of being authentic and whole is what's actually attracting what you want to you. That's why that space of showing up for yourself and working and saying no to what's not serving you or what's making you feel small is so important. It's actually what's pulling this stuff to you, it's called magnetism.

Another component I like to talk about while I'm talking about this is called the trust muscle. I say because we're all humans on the human plane in this experience, we've all in some way, shape or form experienced bouts of shame, depression, low self-worth, therefore it's not innate or easy for us to trust the universe and just assuming that what we want will come so that we can free fall in trust.

It's a muscle. We have to strengthen it over time and what actually strengthens that is the more we manifest from small to big our muscle gets stronger and stronger. The bigger the manifestations get the more kismet, the stronger it gets. So if you're someone's who's in that position right now who is like ah, I created my vision boards, which I don't believe in and I'm visualizing so much I can see it, I can smell it, I'm wearing the clothes, I'm setting my bed for my partner and nothing's coming. It's because you're not actually doing the work to show up for yourself, to unblock, to delayer, to really come into your strong, authentic magnetic self, which is actually going to be attracting what you want.

Then the universe is there to start gifting you with what you want is a way to think of it, so I'll close this video off on a really important concept, when you hear things like 'get into the vibration', 'get into the frequency' what that actually means is it's code for raising your self-worth in ratio to what you want, that's what actually magnetizes in what you want. So your whole part of the equation is raising your self-worth and getting there."


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