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The answer is yes then no! Working for free is the quickest way to expand through your expander(s) if you are inexperienced, underqualified, and not confident. Because I didn't go to college, working for free has always been my motto at accelerating very quickly. I interned when I began designing. When I launched manifestation, I'd host free circles for friends as I was growing my confidence and craft. The list goes on. Press play to learn when it's time to say no! 








When Should I Stop Working For Free?

So an old model, when we talk about manifesting money in the old superstitious new age, talks about visualizing what you want, setting your intention or making your vision board, and then behaving like you already are what you want and it'll start to come to you. I like to call that superstition, because I did it for a really long time, and not much happened from it. I, like many people, come from a pretty strong lack mentality. I had too young parents, my mom was often struggling until she really found her way financially.

What I was seeing reflected back to me often was, we don't have enough, we'll never have enough, we can't have that. Most people who have that the way that you actually go about expanding out of that, and creating space for your manifestations to come through isn't just visualizing. That doesn't do much, because when you imprinted in your subconscious when you were young, you actually imprinted that you have very little space for money to come through, and that you're not worth it on a subconscious level.

So you have to actually go out and see it to believe it through other people. That's how we do it through mirror neurons. Which imprints into our brain, and creates those new neural pathways that they have it, we identify with them, therefore we can have it too.

One element that's really big in the Opulence Workshop, the workshop I created for money and how you actually attract it in a very grounded way, rather than woo woo superstitious ways is, you go and mentor under somebody. If you're creating a new business mentoring under them, assisting under them, offering your free services and interning literally just so that you make that imprintation to create space for what you're actually calling to come through.

Then a question that I often get once people have been really doing that is, "When is the time to stop doing free work?" For me, it's kind of a layered question when I'm working with clients. So for me personally, I tend to have a really high self worth, and go getter attitude when it comes to work. I'm very outgoing. So for me it only takes about three months under someone to expand. Other people who are more introverted, or feel like they don't have enough experience, or it takes them longer to build their confidence, maybe they grew up in an environment where things had to be perfect for them to feel like they accomplish something, they're going to need to work under somebody for longer. Until they have that moment of oh I could do this too, I'm worth it. I see how it's done, I can go and do it.

Because, at a certain point you're going to want to stop doing free work, or it inhibits you. Once you've reached that point, the time to cut off working for free is when you have built your portfolio, and you don't need to do anymore free work to build it. When you've registered, oh I can do this too, or when you've totally built your confidence. Those are the three points that you're going to know now is the time to stop working for free, because if you don't, if you're at this point over qualified ... I'll give a tiny example.

I had lunch with a friend and client last week, who is already making $10,000 a month at her photography job. She's built her business. No need to do anymore portfolio building, but when friends ask her to do free work for them and shoot their stuff, she kind of always says yes because she feels that she has to. That's a low self worth thing. So at this point she's over qualified to be working for free. It's time when you have to say no, or else the universe registers what you're projecting, your subconscious is projecting is that I'm still not quite good enough to receive everything I've been asking from you. Which is more money, or growth, or whatever it is with business.

That's your pivotal time to start saying no to free work. I'm too busy, thanks a ton here's a referral to someone else, I can't do that anymore, I'm no longer doing free work. However you want to phrase it, that's when you're actually going to pick up some magnetism to you, because the universe loves when you step into your worth and you know it's possible for you. Especially when you're over qualified.

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