Why Politeness Can Stop Your Magnetic Flow


Where are you letting politeness and people-pleasing hold you back?

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There's one magnetism tip that you can start right this minute. You can start to look at ... Throughout the day, keep a journal with you, or a note in your phone that says "politeness," and start to look at all of the areas that you feel that you're being polite because it's what is expected, or what you need to be.

We all know, within my theory of manifestation, I believe that when we are our most magnetic is when we are our most whole, authentic versions of self. What we came onto the planet as. However, we receive all this pain, and shame, and programming that we won't be loved for exactly that, so we mold into this ego shell. And a big process of starting to break that down, learn who this authentic-ness is, and to project from that state of being to bring everything we want to us is by cracking down the politeness.

And I don't mean go out and be awful. Not at all. That's not what we're getting at here. It's really starting to look at the energetic of where are you being a people pleaser, nice guy, saying yes, doing the things you think you should be that you don't want to be politeness. It's such an anchoring, perfect tool to start looking at.

So put it in your journal, or your phone, and just start to notice. Awareness is the first part of this process, of where you're being polite. So if you find yourself out ... I don't know, anywhere ... At the coffee spot, and someone bumps into you, and they don't say sorry but you do, just start to look at that. There's a people pleasing, a politeness. You need to reprogram it and take it through the daily reprogramming exercise.

So what you'll do is take that great journal that you have, and you're going to take one of the items and interactions that you had of being polite, and you're going to work that through the daily reprogramming exercise. You'll take it through all of the journal prompts, and then you're going to take it through the 15 minute hypnosis, and reprogram it. That's going to help you on a subconscious level start to chip away at that ego shell, and start to come into your true, authentic self, and project from that state of being, bringing what you want to you.

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