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Today, I call in the PARENTS of our community. Both the MASCULINE & the FEMININE Parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers and grandfathers to magnetic children. Here is my first post on "How To Nurture Children Into Powerful Manifesters.” Rather than titling this series, MAGNETIC CHILDREN, it's titled PARENTS for a very specific reason.

Children are already in their most powerful, authentic state of projection; however, as a society, we tend to cover that up with labels, pain, shame, and programming, one onion layer at a time.

This series is to give parents support in how to allow their children to unfold authentically and try to keep as much of their natural magnetic state as possible. Especially because as a parent you are already juggling so much. You are most likely exhausted and feeling guilty half of the time about not being able to have the “balance” down, which I believe is an illusion created by media - furthering both parent and child away from their authenticness - to make it seem as if you have to. You are faced, daily, with new a unfolding in every moment as a parent, so in this series, I will not be giving parenting advice because I’m not all too concerned with such, and there are many variations out there. I’m far more invested in the magnetic energetics of a child and parent at the same time, so that the two can be seamless. Weather you consciously called in the child or children you are care-taking or whether they chose to come sooner, take a deep breath, it’s all for a reason and all of your lives can flow a lot more effortlessly and magnetically when we chip away into our authenticity by preserving theirs.

As I’ve been spending more and more time at the retreat property up north, alone in the cedars, I keep receiving strong messages of how this community can take magnetism into the family. Therefore, I will primarily be communicating important energetics, tools, and tips that parents will want to harness in order to keep and nurture the natural magnetic essence in each child of our future - while rediscovering their own. Like mommy (or daddy) and me.

I strongly believe, after having taught preschool, that boundaries are a very important thing for a child. But refraining our understanding of boundaries is also very important. Boundaries should be perceived as a safe container for our child to act freely inside of. It's all energetic at the end of the day. An energetic visual of what I mean would be to imagine an invisible circle around your child that stretches 3-15 ft (pending on age) where they have a lot of room to be their freest selves but they are protected from things that could physically harm them. Even the freest child loves boundaries, even when they are pushing them, because they feel safe to express themselves fully inside of them. When creating rules that actualize what that circle is, specific to your family, it should encompass rules that keep their physical bodies safe. 


i. Boundaries SHOULD NOT be to stifle their authentic nature with our own projections - that we picked up from societal programming - in order to mold them into an extension of our identity/ego, or to save them pain by making them conform to something they are not, or to try to protect them from what society might think of them someday.

These are all a reflection of our own shadow and wounded inner child that ABSOLUTELY must be reprogrammed and mended if we intend on raising magnetic children, and being magnetic ourselves. It’s non-negotiable.

Otherwise, we dim their magnetism one day at a time through our own unresolved unconscious blocks, egoic needs, and fear-based rearing. When a client would come to me about nurturing their magnetic child, I required them and their co-parent to go through these two workshops and then carry on to the DRE for three months using it daily when they witnessed themselves triggered by or projecting onto their children. It only took around four months of this protocol for a parent to shift drastically in presence, authentic parenting, awareness and consciousness while noting that prior to it 85% of the actions they took with their children stemmed from: an unconscious cycle picked up from their childhood, or fear-based, or societal conforming, or fear of being different, or their own ego. The beauty is that you kill two birds with one stone, building your magnetism and authenticity at the same time.

How to Navigate

i. AUTHENTIC • Politeness and societal programming can make the average parent feel a lot of pressure to people please which then begins to model to the child that in order to be liked in this life we must people please or do the inauthentic ego dance. Unless the parents are deeply tapped into their own SUBCONSCIOUS authentic nature and completely unapologetic about it, it’s impossible to raise an authentic magnetic child. And the beauty of this Roadmap and pillar of magnetism is that it guides you week-by-week through INNER CHILD, SHADOW, and DRE like a session weekly would.

ii. DRE • Once you arrive at the DRE, or if you start with the DRE, here are suggestions I have.

  1. Witness every-time you force your child to say hi to someone to be polite, or hug someone they don’t want to hug like a family member.

  2. Do you let them pick out their outfits, toys, and expression or do you project onto them.

  3. Do you listen to their body language when they are expressing, “If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no?” And do you honor their no’s, reflecting back to them not to settle for less than they are worth - their authenticity? I’m not talking about basic boundary pushing but are you really allowing them to communicate their interests, taste, expression, while fully having their back? Do you personally honor your “If it’s not a hell yes, then it’s a no?”

  4. How much of your financial, work, relationship, or life-stress are you layering on them?

  5. When you spot a trigger of wanting to mold a child a certain way that is out of alignment with a child's authentic self and expression, it’s time to DRE.

iii. I believe that community is everything when moving through this growth and unfolding. (If you're wanting to explore this with other parents, join the FB Group as we kick off our 30-day challenge where we are all working through our daily DRE triggers together starting Nov. 1). 

And above all else, make sure to take care of yourself with some self-care tools so that you are able to stay present and patient during this process.


Work these tools with your co-parent and friends!

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