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Packing Lightly and mindfully

Traveling full carry-on, internationally for 10 days in the winter, has been a work in progress for quite some time for me! It was actually Ally Walsh of Canyon Coffee who was my first expander in this, for when I met up with her at Dimes in the LES of NYC for lunch, just as she was about to pop on to a flight, all she had beside her was a backpack and store tote. I asked her where her luggage was from the previous ten days that she had been in town, to which she replied, "oh, this is all of it." Virgos!

Instantly I said, "teach me how." You see, I used to always be a 3 outfit-changes-a-day kind of traveler. Well, this trip to Europe consists of Paris for two nights, Cork Ireland for 3 nights, Limerick for 1, Dublin for 2, and London for 1. That's four planes in total and a lot of packing up and going on top of that, so I decided to challenge myself to pack only a carry-on, and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Transitions have been ASTONISHINGLY easy. And I'm forced to buy less, be simple, and get creative with accessories. Here's how. 


My suitcase and my tote.


2 pairs of pants. A dark and light.

One dress.

One pair of boots (dress up, dress down). One pair of runners.

5 long sleeved Ts.

Top and Bottom Heat Tech.

One cashmere sweater, raincoat (that packs up very tightly) and a vintage jacket liner.

One scarf. One beanie.

One hat.

One pair of tights


Evan Healey full rose set travel size.

Sun Potion shea butter travel size.

Jiva Apoha Holy Grass travel Size.

Living Libations Gum Drops.

Dr. Bronners travel size soap.

John Masters shampoo & conditioner travel size

Supplements: I simply used those supplement dividers for each day. And whatever you do, bring chlorella tablets and Orac-Energy Greens to keep skin, eyes and teeth glowing! 


Now the key is to roll pack the light stuff so that it takes up less space in your bag. Next, wear the bulkiest things on the flight. In my case, that was the boots, jeans, sweater, jacket liner, scarf, and hat. And most importantly, pack accessories that help you dress outfits up or down. For me, this was a hat, boots, and diverse pieces of gold jewelry. That way I could feel very different from day to night with simply a ring and hat vs. a beanie and necklace! 

It really is so easy! Lastly, manifest luggage that works well and will last forever! Use the How to Manifest Workshop for this as I did. Last year I invested in my first expensive luggage ever. It can be fixed at any of their locations around the world and it has a lifetime warranty! I'll never look back and it made me more magnetic by allowing me to attract more chic stays and cheap upgrades on flights, as the low self-worth-lack programming I grew up with would have never invested in expensive luggage! Also, a lot less waste on the planet in the long run as I was going through suitcases every two years from wear and tear.

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