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You may remember the first #MyMagneticStory that we broke down here. We share testimonials from TBM Unblockers and show step-by-step how they achieved their record-breaking manifestation(s), so you can too. 

Have you tuned into the most recent Expanded Podcast Ep? Our team member, Caitlin shares her expansive story of how she called in her new home in nature, the shadow she had to face and how navigates the work.

This TBM Unblocker we’re sharing today had been struggling with debt and a super low worth job. She wanted to call in a year of travel, but had no savings to support the manifestation. Instead she took that steps we outline in Unblocked Money and was able to pay off her debts, build a FU fund, have a strong passively growing savings account and manifest her year-long travel adventure. Here’s how she did it.

After the testimonial, we break down how the manifester did it and how you can too.

“I almost didn’t post the image attached to this for fear it would seem braggy but then I remembered how expanding it was for me18 months ago, when I saw a similar image of someone else’s bank account.

Money is so taboo, which means that it can be hard to physically see expanding images. The image I saw 18 months ago sparked in me the idea that I too could achieve my savings goals — I hope this will have the same effect on some one else.

In March last year I left a low-worth low-pay job for a low-worth high-pay job, my logic was this:

I would save hard for one year and then me and my partner would quit and go traveling for a year.

Before taking the high-pay job I had no savings and a small amount of credit card debt, I was living more or less from pay check to pay check. Any savings I had at the start of the month would be gone by the end.

To follow my passion at this point would have left me continuing to cycle through this low-worth financial situation, I would continue to be stressed at the end of the month and my financial low-self worth would begin to colour my self-worth in other areas of my life.

Instead I decided I had to the strength to deal with a high-paying job that wasn’t in line with my passions for a year in order to set myself up to truly be financially free. From there I could have a go at exploring what I really want to do job-wise and as a bonus go traveling for a year!

I had my last day at the high-paying job this week and took a moment to reflect on what that small sacrifice has given me:

  • The ability to begin a share portfolio (a huge high-worth moment for me)

  • No debt

  • A 12 month travel fund

  • A term deposit of savings accruing interest while my partner and I travel. This will be my FU fund post travel.

I honestly can say that I will never be without savings again — which has elevated my self worth massively and has had an affect on the way I see myself and carry myself in the world, I’m so excited to see what affects this elevated self-worth will have in other areas of my life.

I wanted to share this in case it anyone finds it expanding.

Working in a job that lights you up is important and is an honorable goal, but sacrificing some of your time to work toward a FU fund and pay off your debt so you can set yourself up to pursue your passions from a financially stress free place is invaluable. I’m so glad I did this.

Note: the high-pay job was as a medical representative, which in Australia, is a job that anyone with sales experience (including retail) can apply for.”


i. Took a bridge job.

This Unblocker knew that to fast track her financial freedom, she needed to take a Bridge Job. Bridge jobs are exactly that - they bridge the gap from where you are now to the opportunity you are calling in when you don’t have the immediate resources or opportunities. This stepping stone allows you to make more money or learn important skills that prepare you for your next chapter. This manifester’s Bridge Job offered enough financial prosperity to pay off her debt and build up a savings.

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ii. Built a FU fund

With her Bridge Job, this manifester was able to establish a FU Fund (which you can learn more about in Unblocked Money). FU Funds are savings that give you the power to say “F-You” to any opportunity that is not serving you. Having this savings enables you to quit what’s keeping you small and sustain you as you move forward in your journey. In this story, the Unblocker’s FU Fund provided her the means to travel for a year - and then some!

iii. Started to invest

This Unblocker opened a passive income portal by creating investment accounts. Through these investments, she was able to effortlessly grow her savings while she traveled. Not only has she manifested freedom for now, her savings allows flexibility to be selective about her future jobs. This money portal will remain open for as long as she keeps investing

v. Stayed in high self worth upon her return.

Through successfully unblocking and creating portals, this manifester has elevated her self worth. She can focus on calling in a job that fits her list while having the savings to prepare for her next adventure. This Unblocker has transformed her finances and manifested the adventure of her dreams within 18 months! How expanding!

Ask Yourself

What can you do right this moment to work towards financial freedom? Is it grabbing one of the resources listed below? Or connecting with a financial advisor? Placing aside $25 into a savings account? Take the first step now.

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