The Weekly • Friday Round Up


Welcome to the Weekly Roundup! Here’s a taste of what I’ve been loving lately.

i. Um... HOLD THE PHONE, did you know that there's an app where you can order in-home acupuncture, IV drips and all of the things? My new speed-dial! I was legit driving down Topanga Canyon last week thinking, 'I wish that doctors and naturopaths still made house calls like in the show Call The Midwife'.

ii. Still the best oil of all oils.

iii. Yes, please.

iv. For fertility, I'm actually tracking now thanks to this book. I can't believe it's taken me this long. Because of my endocrine issues, I wake up multiple times in the night so I have to use a wearable which has been revolutionary (and no annoying taking my temp the moment I open my eyes). Now, I finally have the information I need to understand why I'm not getting pregnant. There's a whole missing thyroid piece that wasn't showing up on my panels. Learning so much. And this is equally as empowering if you're wanting to use the fertility method as birth control.

v. I seem to only be listening to this album lately.

vii. Fav new addition to the Forest House.

viii. I'm so not a gluten person, but if one is wanting to imbibe, I'm SO into these crackers. Like, can't stop eating them.  


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