A Completed List • No. 4

TBM_Completed List No. 4.jpeg

With the exception of the baby, everything on this list has come to be.

Max and I called in the Topanga house together.  While you cannot manifest for someone else, you do have the power to manifest with someone else. It can be a little tricky though, as you both need to be equally expanded and unblocked in what you are trying to call in. And at the same time, you must individually pass tests

Max and I have been on this journey for years. About a month into our relationship, we both acknowledged that we wanted to live in topanga. Four years ago, we called in our Topanga home on a piece of paper - which for whatever reason, always seems to work best for us. 

Max and I were on different pages financially and I wasn’t in the position to make the move quite yet. Regardless, we began looking at homes online to get expanded. While Max was more financially ready for the move, he already owned a home in Echo Park and felt overwhelmed by next steps - do we sell it, rent it, etc? This manifested as a block within our manifestation process. 


By the time we had been together for about two and a half years, I was feeling more like I could make the financial stretch and buy a home together. But I was also willing to rent. Honestly, this move was more of a priority for me due to health and healing whereas Max is operating multiple companies and consistently put other things first.

Around this time, I found the Retreat House. I financed and renovated the entire house on my own through the company. Max saw me gain so much independence through this; he watched me heal, but he also witnessed the flare ups that would manifest when I came back to Echo Park. This January when I was visiting Ireland, I was getting the download that I could not stay in Echo Park any longer. When I returned home, I would have to find a place in Topanga. I couldn’t wait any longer. 

Two days after we returned, I found a rental in Topanga that was my perfect manifestation. It was exactly the price I wanted and had everything else on my list. When I told Max, he insisted that I just wait and that we could start looking to buy homes. The second I let go of the rental property, Topanga fell back to the bottom of Max’s list. 

My frustration was really building. Soon after, I watched 2 episodes of Madmen. It was so misogynistic and incredibly triggering for me. I had had enough. The very next day I woke up and I wrote an email to Max. I told him that my health is my priority, that I can’t continue to live in Echo Park, and that I am leaving this relationship to meet my needs. He called me right after and said that we could get a place right now, even if we have to rent. 

A few weeks later, we decided to drive to Topanga to look at houses, just for fun. We ended up finding 2 places. This was actually a huge deal, because most of the houses in Topanga don’t have the vibe that we wanted. But this house was a 1930s hunting cabin with all original fixtures and an acre; Max was really into it. We found it on a Saturday, made an offer on a Tuesday, and within 35 days we closed! 

As you can see, it took a lot of shifts for our frequencies to be at the same level. Originally, I needed much more expansion financially to see that this was a possibility for us. After buying the Retreat House and really owning that project, I became expanded enough to buy additional property in a more expensive area.

For Max, he needed to unblock the idea that he had too much on his plate. Between owning a home already and managing multiple companies, buying a Topanga house felt overwhelming. 

Finally, the most important step in this manifestation was me stepping into my worth. For several years, I had chosen to sacrifice my needs for the sake of the relationship. Max needed to be in LA for work and I didn’t want to take that from him. Overtime, it became more and more clear that I thrive in nature and I need to live outside of the city. When I decided that my needs were nonnegotiable, I raised my self worth and was able to shift into a space of deserving my manifestation. 

It’s important to keep the door of communication open while manifesting with others. If you or your partner are feeling limited or triggered, be open about what is coming up for you. Utilize the DRE’s and find expanders to quickly move through these blocks. Manifesting together comes with challenges but it absolutely can be done!


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