How to Navigate the "Almost Manifestations"


How to listen to your gut when your "Almost Manifestations" come in.

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I want to talk about the almost manifestation. The way that this can look, is, when you look at your own personal patterning of manifestation, we all have our own pattern. What that means for me, for instance, it always takes me about a year to manifest a big thing, that I'm calling in, that feels a little bit out of my reach. That's my personal patterning. I have a little ... the ebbs and flows that happen within that year, tend to always be the same thing for each big item. 

Then, when the item comes around, I'll notice that I'm not as lit up by it, as I would've been the year prior, when I was calling it in. My gut just is like, "No, it's not the thing I want anymore." That's the almost manifestation. It's an energetic we're talking about. 

Another example of this could be, when you're someone who tends to manifest certain situations abstractly ... let's say work out packages. I'm gonna use Lila's example. It's a work out package. Typically, they start to show up, the thing you know that you wanna try. Whether it's a boot camp, and it's for this discount, and it manifests itself, your gut will have a reaction that says, "Oh, that's the thing. I want to do that. Yes. No problem. I'm gonna sign up. Here it is. I have manifested it." 

If you're not really having that guttural reaction, or that knowing that this is the thing, carry on. 'Cause something better's usually going to come through, or fill its place, that's a little bit more in line with you right now. Another example of this, is the certain press publication, that I would've really wanted to work with a year ago. When press started to come in, of course, like, the year later, I started manifesting this press that I wanted from different publications. 

When this particular one came through, I was just kind of like, "Nah, it's not the whole shebang that I wanted anymore." It felt like an almost manifestation, at that point. My gut wasn't lit up by it, so, I had no problem saying, "No," and declining. Not even in the hopes, this isn't really passing a test that we're talking about, 'cause it wasn't even in the hopes that they would come back with something greater, and better, which is ultimately what happened. That all felt pretty right. I was lit up, and I knew that's exactly what I wanted. So, I said, "Yes."

What we're talking about here, is the almost manifestation energy, and really starting to tune in, in whatever way that you receive your own personal pings, or intuition. You can always revert back to the Human Design video, I have with Jenna Zoe, on this YouTube channel about pings. It's how you process your intuitive, guttural reactions that are yes or no, and it's starting to really listen to those. 

When we say, "No," to what isn't a full guttural reaction, even when it's something we have been calling in that comes through, it leaves the space open for something to align with us, that we're more perfectly in alignment with, at that time. Really tuning into those almost manifestations, you don't have to take 'em just because they've shown up. Have that fluidity, that freedom, to just still leave some space, if it's not a full reaction of a yes, for what you want now, to come through, 'cause you're very close to it.

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