Don't Give Up! How to Navigate Desperation within the Magic Dark

Photo Source : Unknown

Photo Source : Unknown

Manifestation is a dance with the Universe. Within this dance, you will be asked to release your limiting beliefs, raise your self worth to new levels, and manifest the life you desire. After you’ve passed your most difficult tests, you’ll likely face your final challenge in the Magic Dark.

Take this example from a member of our community...

“I have been applying for jobs for months now, and was getting nothing back (and I mean crickets). I bought all of Lacy's tools and all I can say is WOW. If it wasn't for Lacy I would have never known I was in a magic dark, and I know the universe was testing me to see if I would settle and go back to my old job, which was so toxic and horrible. My money was getting very thin and I was getting nervous, I kept thinking, "maybe it won’t be so bad if I go back... the money is good". Until a few weeks ago I just thought, NO I'm not settling. A very strong energetic no and really closed the door on that option. I did some expanding on people who have left the hospitality industry for a field they loved, passed some tests, reprogramed and BAM. I was offered the EXACT role I wanted in my industry, great pay, perfect hours and no weekend work! Just wanted to give you all some hope to say whatever you want is coming, I promise. I was getting so frustrated until I just surrendered, kept expanding and communicated to the universe that I was ready to step into my worth and not settle again. This stuff is magic.”

What is the Magic Dark?

The Magic Dark is the dark before the dawn in manifestation. It’s when you’ve passed test after test, you’re building momentum, and finally - crickets. Everything goes silent. Nothing is coming through.

For many manifesters, this is when desperation surfaces. You’ve put in all of the work, you’ve turned down promising opportunities that weren’t a ‘hell yes’, and now it feels like the well has dried up. Any glimmer of hope has subsided. In a state of panic, you may be tempted to grasp for results that are below your worth. You might reconsider the job that wasn’t quite the right fit or justify a mediocre suitor.  

This moment is your final test. While desperation may be pushing you to lose patience, the Magic Dark is intended to build your trust muscle. As you’ll learn in How to Manifest, this is an opportunity to once again declare to the Universe that you’ll settle for nothing less than you’re worth.

How to Persevere in the Magic Dark

i. Keep doing the work. When you aren’t seeing results, it’s easy to throw in the towel and discredit your manifestation practice altogether. But never is it more important to commit to the work than while facing the Magic Dark. Whether it’s through a workshop or Daily Reprogramming Exercise, stick to your practice.

ii. Take inventory & trust the process. If what you’re calling in has yet to manifest, consider that there is a reason. Perhaps this season of your life is meant to teach a lesson, restore your health, or provide some clarity. If you find yourself resisting the Magic Dark, take inventory of why desperation is surfacing for you. Create a List of Awareness to get to the root of your desperation and unblock this energy with our Daily Reprogramming Exercise.

iii. Look at how far you’ve come. When we are on the brink of a big change, we often forget where we’ve started. Chances are, if you’re in the magic dark, you’ve already done a lot of personal development work. You’ve already passed tests and raised your self worth. Take time to review past lists or make a list of ‘Completed Manifestations’. Big or small, don’t discredit the manifestations that have already come through. You’re a stronger person than when you started.

iv. Keep your eye on the prize. It’s much easier to give up when you’ve lost sight of what you’re working towards. Continue to find Expanders and commit to your vision of reality. Use your social media to stay inspired about what’s possible for you. Watch movies that resemble your ideal life. Do whatever it takes to remind yourself of the dream you’re building.

The Magic Dark can leave you feeling disenchanted, but know that this is only one more step in the process. If you’re lost in the Magic Dark, return to How to Manifest. Here, you can learn more specifically about the purpose of a Magic Dark within your manifestation process.


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