Specific vs. Non Specific in Manifestation


Why you shouldn't fear being specific with your manifestations.

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Have you ever been in the position where you've been afraid to call in what you want, or write it down, or get clear on it because of the programming or the superstition, I like to call it. What if something better out there is meant for me? So, if I call this in, I'll block that from coming through. Totally not the case. Will not happen. I like to say that we're not that powerful. And because we are constantly co-creating with the universe, meaning, at every moment in our life, we're in creation. Not from our thoughts and thinking positive, from our subconscious, what we're projecting, what we picked up at childhood. So, if you're doing all of the work ... let's give an example. Let's say you're calling in a partner, you're doing all of the work, but you're so afraid to write down that list. And what I'm talking about ... the list, you can find in the Formula and Magnetism workshop, that's how I have people call things in. I don't really believe in things like vision boards because they're not specific enough for your subconscious to register.

So, let's say you're getting ready to do that list, but you're so afraid to put down key characteristics because, again what if you're meant to be with the person who's like this, rather than this. Or what if you're calling in a move, but you don't want to put down where to move, because the universe has such a greater plan for you. Just know, you're co-creating. So whatever you're asking for ... and feel free to give the universe options. Let's take a move for example. Say the three top places you want to move. Again with partnership if it's core ... you're really seeking core values, that you want to ask in rather than all of this heavy superficial stuff. And you can learn more about that in the Formula and Magnetism workshop.

But don't be afraid to make the list. Don't be afraid to call in what you want because regardless, what you call in or something better is always going to come through when you're following the step by step formula. So I just want to debunk that, get that out of your mind. It really can stump people from ever getting clear, and really starting the manifestation process. And something I like to say is when you're being wishy-washy, you're receiving wishy-washy things or nothing at all. So start to get specific with your intentions. Now if you're a manifester who doesn't manifest in hyper specific ... so they talk about this in Human Design, which you can watch that video with Jenna Zoe ... a place in your chart based on the arrows tells you if you're a specific manifester or not specific. I am a specific and there's a couple people on my team that aren't specifics. They're more of the hinters ... I like to call them. They kind of hint what they're wanting and let it go. And then do the rest of the formula and that's when things sort of come through.

So if you're a hinter, still get specific about what you're wanting to hint about. So if it's partnership or whatever, just being able to feel in ... and that doesn't mean vibrationally pretend to be. It means feeling into your soul of what you're wanting. A little bit of, but just hinting at it, you know. And then opening space to allow that to come through. But don't be afraid to even get clear in general, because if you do you'll be missing out on this greater, better thing. That greater better thing's going to come if it's supposed to, period.

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