Lacy Phillips

SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER |  using clean hair product was the very last thing I transitioned in my beauty regime.  Finding a shampoo and conditioner that actually cleansed my hair, sudded up, and didn’t leave it like a limp cardboard box, was like finding a needle in the haystack.  At last, I came across Acure.  This company has been divine.  It’s all I use in way of cleansing.  It’s also crazy affordable compared to the designer chemical brands I was using before. I also rotate between Hairprint as well as this John Masters Shampoo & Conditioner (VERY volumizing).

PADDLE BRUSH | I'm all about a good paddle brush!

SALT SPRAY | I absolutely love to replicate the summer waves I naturally get after swimming in the ocean.

NETTLE TEA INFUSION | This recipe is the ultimate hair herbal drink.