As a society we are conditioned to believe that money comes from the wrong places. We usually learn how to manifest money (or lack) from the environment we were raised in. For instance, with the blue collar culture money comes from hard work and a steady job (settled/neutral).  For the 1% money comes from great investments, interests, large business, and family wealth (expanded). For hippies, money comes from your passion and a happy, tiny amount to keep you comfortable (constricted). For poverty, money is scarce and comes from doing anything you can for work/ scraping by (very constricted and fearful).  Obviously the scenarios go on and on. With a limited belief system, you cannot manifest money overnight. 

But one thing each of these different demographics share in common is that they were programmed to believe that if they do a. then b. (money) will follow.I’m here to obliterate that concept for everyone with complete confidence and conviction and teach you how to manifest money now.


Money doesn’t come from your job, it doesn’t come from inheritance, it doesn’t come from your rental, or your parents, or your part-time gig, or your art… One of the most powerful things I watch my clients slowly (through very specific tools) transition to is knowing that money is simply energy and it always comes from The Universe. Once you learn this, you’ll be capable of manifesting money quickly. Stop searching online for money affirmations that work fast or get rich quick mantras as they simply don’t work. With our proven program there are no money manifestation affirmations required! 

I must repeat, money is energy and it comes from the universe.

What does that mean exactly? Here’s the manifestation formula: The Universe is the bank. You, through belief and programming, think up the structure in which you are worthy of earning/receiving money (usually your job), and depending on your removal of blocks/ openness/ generosity / leaps of faith / trust, the universe will send money through the structure you’ve created and believe.

And that structure can be anything!!!  Here’s how limited structures are created, and how we believe in them.


I just got a job I’ve been wanting for my entire 15 year career. This shit is real ✨

- Unblocker Money



Why do you think that there is such an insurgence of millennials making money out of these completely radical creative ideas, usually digital?  Because they were raised in a generation that shifted their programming. “You’re special. You don’t have to work very hard. You’re creative and should get paid for it.  Be fearless.” And so you have so many young creative, fearless, less limited believing 30-year-olds creating a new mold (apps, blogs, social media, crafts; etc), are making a living from their passions. This generation knows how to manifest money fast!  Unlike the societal programming of Generation X or even more extreme, Baby Boomers that were programmed to believe that if they worked honest and worked hard, they’d have secure, respectable and steady jobs that would offer them the comfort of the middle-class. 



The home you grew up in played a very intrinsic part in your belief system for which you create the structure that money can come through for you.  So if you grew up with parents that lived in a lot of lack, believed that life is a struggle and that you must work hard, you - yourself - most likely live in lack, believe life is a struggle, and you must work hard. So you create a structure within that scope. Within this structure, you’re probably wondering how to manifest money quickly and easily.

On the flip, if you grew up with wealth, and an environment that is savvy with investments; etc, and adopted it, you create a much larger structure and easier avenues in which money can come through for you. With this belief system, you’ll have an inherent understanding of how to manifest money quickly.



If you are someone that buys into economic scares, most likely you live in an area where the economy feels more scarce, so you create a structure (I’ll budget here, take on this second job there) with a more scarce scope where money can flow through to you. On the other hand, if you live in a large city where you tune out economic programming, your scope of the structure remains larger, and naturally more money is able to flow through your belief structure.



If you are someone that has dealt with and faced many of your fears, programming, and blocks, you likely have a larger structure for which you believe money can come through. The more you grow and expand, so does your structure, and therefore money. And if you still live in the same mentality in which you inherited through your generation, nurture, economic, and personal programming, your structure scope is probably quite small through which The Universe can send you money. You might find that you struggle to manifest money fast. 



How do I change my structure through which money can flow to me?

I. Take note of your belief system. Take inventory of the beliefs you’ve picked up through generation, nurture, economic, and personal programming. Dig around and see what limiting beliefs come up. There should be a lot. Bring awareness to them.

II. Broaden your belief system and create a different structure in which The Universe can send money to you. I.e. my self-worth used to be very low as to how I believed I deserved money to come through. So I created the structure that if I was a pre-school teacher for a year, I could make X amount of money, have X benefits, even already having been warned that the faculty was toxic and would treat me really poorly (but that’s ok because I had low self-worth and believed that I deserved that). So the universe gave me that job, I made x amount of money, had x benefits, and was treated worse than I could imagine.

III. Before leaving, I broadened my limiting belief system, did a lot of work, and re-structured my scope. I made a list of exactly the job I wanted: holistically oriented, x amount of money, working for myself…

IIII. Took the leap of faith and started receiving everything I asked for because my belief of worthiness in which money could come through changed and widened. And with receiving each tiny expanded thing I ask for, my belief structure continues to expand little by little, and so the universe flows more and more to me in the exact structure for which I believe it to come.

Lacy, I wanted to drop a line to thank you for the courses and all your work!:) Magical things keep happening since I started both money and inner child 😃 I am truly stoked 😃 Thank you!

- Unblocker Money



I shifted my relationship with money from believing that it comes from my work, gifts, clients... to knowing that it isn’t money at all. It is energy, and it all comes from The Universe. This concept, for most, is a WHOLE energetic shift that happens through very specific steps I’ve created. Once we start to believe that all money comes from The Universe, we can restructure our scope/beliefs by dissolving limiting worth, take any leaps of faith we need to take, and then implement my steps daily to literally watch money flow through the exact structure we create and believe.

It’s powerful and is the most exciting thing to watch my client's shift from lack/scarcity/constricted (programming and fear, not enough), to expansion (releasing old programming, shifting energy from money to The Universe, getting clear about structure, and implementing my steps to let it flow through). Through this process, I’ve seen clients learn how to manifest money overnight! Take some time to read through some of our current clients manifesting money success stories and see how they took control of their finances.  


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