Lacy Phillips


RADIUS ORIGINAL TOOTHBRUSH | The Original is divine for cleansing the WHOLE mouth!  The wide massaging head helps to reduce chronic bleeding and receding gums.  When you brush your teeth, you want to be sure to include your gums as well. The Original makes sure that you’re reaching your entire mouth. There are 300% more bristles, and the Original has soft, premium bristles that are spread evenly over the large head for even applied pressure.  It also lasts approximately 3x longer than any ordinary toothbrush, and can last up to 9 months. Love!

AUROMERE TOOTHPASTE | is a highly effective line of Ayurvedic toothpaste combining the natural fibre PEELU with the astringent and invigorating properties of NEEM, along with 24 other barks, roots, plants, and flowers which have been esteemed for centuries by Ayurvedic specialists for maintaining optimum dental hygiene. The all-natural botanical extracts and essential oils are prized for their astringent, cleansing properties that help to freshen breath and leave teeth feeling squeaky-clean. In addition, Auromere Toothpaste contains no fluoride, gluten, artificial sweeteners, dyes or harsh chemicals commonly found in many types of toothpaste. And, your mouth feels hyper clean after!

RADIUS CRANBERRY FLOSS | this completely vegan Cranberry Floss is dipped in pure cranberry essence and coated in 100% pure, natural candelilla wax, which is a plant based wax. It tastes groovy and the thread is thin enough to get in between gums.

TONGUE SCRAPER | is a great addition to oil pulling.  I think that tongue scraping is a must if you aren't doing this.  A bit about it here.

COCONUT OIL PULLING | after strong persuasion from my acupuncturist, I finally implemented oil pulling into my morning routine.  Upon waking, I apply 1 tsp of Ojio coconut oil to my tongue and swish/pull it through each of my teeth for 20 minutes. It stimulates the internal organs through energetic connections with the rest of the body, improves digestion by increasing my sense of taste, and cleanses the body by removing Ama and bacteria. 

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL | some natives and the poor share this one brushing method in common, that of brushing your teeth with activated charcoal.  Due to its effectiveness at pulling toxins, it's known to be helpful in balancing the pH of the mouth, making it a defense against cavities by killing bad bacteria.  Its strong pulling effect is also noted to help pull tannins that cause stains (which could be wonderful for the avid coffee, red wine, and tea drinker).  When I can remember, I’ll do this once a week.  I simply wet a specifically designated A.C. toothbrush, open a capsule, sprinkle that on the toothbrush (or dip it in a bag of loose powder), and brush like normal—then rinse.  I’ll follow by brushing with my normal toothpaste. Note that A.C. stains everything but your teeth incredibly easily, so do use spill caution.