What we don’t own will own us. This is the premise of shadow work. Owning your whole self, and all the bits and pieces that might have gotten lost along the way – is the key to magnetism.  Every one of us inhabits the full spectrum of humanness inside. This means that the world is inside of us, it isn’t happening outside of us, though it tends to feel that way when we have missing aspects that we’ve abandoned through parental, societal, peer, and media programming.

When aspects of self are denied, our power is given away and plugged into external sources that have control over us. This is the kind of work that is often addressed in shadow work therapy or shadow work seminars. 


For example, say that you expressed immense creativity when you were young. You freely explored your passion of art until you were told by someone that you love that your art is “ok”, but it’s time to grow up and focus on something practical because being an artist is going to result in a poor life filled with disappointment. As dependent beings when we’re young, in need of shelter, nurturing and love, it’s instinctual to abandon our creativity and art in order to continue to be nurtured and loved by our caretaker.

Now insert anything in place of “art” in that example: weight, self-worth, emotional expression, sexuality, appearance, judgements, interests, and the list could go on and on. These abandoned aspects of self have lost their power inside of us, and in fact they are actually subconsciously plugged into other power sources for they create insecurity in us. Therefore, regarding the earlier example, anytime our creativity (stemming from the denied aspect of self; art) is called upon, we will instantly revert to insecurity and lack of confidence looking to see if whomever or whatever calling on our creativity approves of it. Giving our power to this source to validate it for us. Shame, in our life, tended to be the main culprit for denying all sorts of qualities that we so beautifully owned and accepted when we were very young.

Until we reclaim these lost aspects of self and create our own shadow work process, unplug them from others, own them, and integrate them, they will continue to own us. I teach my community, and wholeheartedly believe that The Universe’s sole intention is to help us grow into our most whole, powerful versions of self. Therefore, each time we integrate and grow our self-worth in alignment with what we are calling in, after passing tests, we are united with it.

I see this time and time again in my practice. There is nothing more magnetic than confidence and the road to confidence is integration so that nobody outside of us can control how we feel.


One of the most powerful things for me that has happened after doing the Shadow workshop specifically is that I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with the sinking feeling that I have done something wrong. That relief is priceless.♥️

- Unblocker Shadow



Everyone, and I mean everyone, has denied aspects of self. Even the most evolved Gurus. I’d like you to take two days to begin to investigate what yours might be and dive into your own shadow work psychology. Even to gain awareness where they might be hiding. Over the span of the next two days, I’d like you to take note of anything and anyone that activates you. Anything that makes you feel: jealousy, sadness, fear, lack, defensiveness, anger, judgement of it, or insecurity. Once you have collected some, you’ll begin to see what needs integrating, for those people and scenarios are simply mirrors of aspects of yourself that have been denied.

If you can’t stand copycats, it’s a beautiful invitation to see where you picked up this judgement and where you yourself might be copying others.

I’m on day 3 of Shadow and just did my first session of Daily Reprograming and Wow Just wow. Going in and really seeing who my magnetic self is. No Words. I am also happy to say that I’ve landed 3 new clients this week with the most ease I’ve ever had!

- Unblocker Shadow & DRE

Regarding Manifestation, you can make your list, you can expand your beliefs, you can learn your lessons, and you can even pass your tests, but until you integrate, the subjects you’re calling in that are greater or more whole than where you are now cannot come through until you integrate. This is shadow work spiritual work, and subconscious work. 

That is why I’ve created the UNBLOCKED series. It’s more than a shadow work meditation; its designed to help my community and clients work through the largest blocks that I see in my practice. And due to multiple requests, I’ve just announced the digital one in May so that any of you can tune in from anywhere in the world at any time. I’m so excited to get you integrating.

The first step to reprogramming is to first own your shadow and accept it as a part of your authentic self and experience. Then you can work on reprogramming triggers and Upleveling to your highest, most magnetic self.


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