Book a Session with Lacy Phillips $450

“In the world of Lacy Phillips, who has built her life and career around this skill, manifestation is simple psychology. It involves understanding your childhood programming and your shame and reprogramming your subconscious beliefs; it requires work and action and vulnerability.”

– Goop, “Step Into Your Power & Manifest Your Dreams”

Lacy has worked with clients worldwide to help them unblock subconscious limiting beliefs and set them on their authentic paths. From homes, relationships, careers, money and everything in-between – Lacy has guided everyone from friends, clients, celebrities and entrepreneurs in manifesting the lives they deserve and desire.

Sessions with Lacy are currently unavailable. If this changes you will notified via email.

Unfortunately, since time permits me from serving everyone in a one-on-one session capacity, I have created a number of workshops to help you unblock and live authentically and manifest anything you desire.


The Pathway Membership

Get access to all of our workshops for less than a dollar a day (over $900 value). Perfect for anyone looking to uproot deeply ingrained patterns and create massive, transformational shifts


A La Carte Workshops

Have one manifestation focus area in mind? Learn to unblock limiting beliefs, manifest love, money and more. Ideal for anyone looking to focus their attention and address specific blocks and manifestations.