Expanded x Ep. 04 - Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik, Almost 30




Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik from The Almost 30 Podcast join Lacy on the fourth episode of The EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips. They discuss their journey from recording their first episodes of Almost 30 Podcast on the floor of their closet to now hosting a nationally top-ranked podcast with thousands of listeners. Krista and Lindsey share what personal struggles they've faced along the way, from family, relationships, and career. This is our most intimate episode yet and we're so grateful for these wonderful, open and honest women.



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Words from Krista & Lindsey:

"There was this just pull to consistently sit down and do this. I mean for the first 6 months we were on our closet floors just talking into a janky little recorder. And to do that multiple times a week when there’s no shiny thing at the end of this that we knew of, and there was no money coming in for it, we both had full time jobs and were running around, but we were pulled to this thing. I've never been so consistent with something in my life."

"I feel like throughout my entire life I was fighting the person that I was because it wasn't accepted or the typical. And so kind of like going with it and accepting all of the things about myself that I was fighting for so long."

“I think it's doing the little actions that lead up to overcoming the fear. It doesn’t need to be so much at one time. I think people often times get scared because they’re like ‘Okay, I wanna start a blog. I don’t have a photographer, I don’t have an editor, I’m really nervous, I don’t have a lot of content’ – it doesn’t start that way. It starts with one little action, so taking the small baby steps and not putting any pressure on it to become anything, because if you’re already putting pressure on it to become something, then you’re not in it for the reason in the first place. It’s not that passion that you want.”

“I think you need to have moments in your life where you’re reminded what’s real and what’s in your mind – what’s programming. So just getting out and having more experiences, as many experiences as you can to kind of get yourself outside of yourself to realize what’s really important. If fear stopped everyone, we wouldn’t be doing anything. And you kind of get what you give, so if you’re fearful, and you’re not gonna go for it, then you’re not gonna get it.”


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Where their careers started

  • Feeling lost and confused about what you’re supposed to do

  • Letting go of fear and quitting your bridge jobs

  • Patterns of manifestation

  • Programming from parents around career and financial

  • Growing up in a small town

  • Learning money management when it was always being spent and not saved

  • Feeling that you’re living out your parents’ dreams

  • When self-worth was at its lowest

  • Patterning from their mothers' self-worth and relationships

  • How truly being yourself creates magnetism

  • The shadow aspects they’re working through

  • How to be more present

  • The Almost 30 journey

  • How consistency led them to where they are now

  • When you have an idea and you’re afraid to do it

  • What’s next for Almost 30




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