Expanded x Ep. 05 - Danielle Beinstein, Psychological Astrologer




Lacy’s personal go-to psychological astrologer, Danielle Beinstein, joins us on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares with us how she evolved in her spiritual path, got her masters in spiritual psychology, and what’s led her to grow a niche business based on a grounded, practical approach to astrology. Danielle gifts us some insight into the stars and sprinkles about some personal stories, like how she manifested her current boyfriend.



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Words from Danielle:

"The most important thing about astrology is that it's not the answer, its a tool, your own intuition trumps all, and that nothing is good or bad ever – it just is. It’s like that Buddhist belief of ‘Perhaps’ – we want to judge things as good or bad because we think things should be copacetic all the time, but we don't grow in that way."

"I planned a month long road trip to rebirth. On day 1 of the road trip, somewhere around Monterey, I had a moment that I was like ‘Oh, I’m about to die.’"

"Someone was going to rescue me by giving me a job, someone was going to rescue me by marrying me, someone was going to rescue me circumstantially – I housed that. I did everything I could to avoid building my own foundation. And that I had to manipulate or I had to be what I perceived they needed me to be in order to manifest, because I was manifesting through them. And nothing ever materialized. Ironically, it really wasn’t until I met my boyfriend and he held up a mirror so I completely had to rescue myself."

"I remember thinking I always wanted to be the kind of woman who got up and walked away. And so I got up and walked away."

“I think in healthy friendships, there needs to be enormous amounts of freedom. A lot of it comes from my need of solitude and not about the other person. In order to give them what I believe they are deserving of, I need to create space around that."


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Dani’s obsession with politics and media at a young age

  • Her cultural background, living in NYC and moving to Connecticut

  • Strict customs and limited expansion

  • Going to private school and developing a loner mentality

  • Living in San Francisco

  • Carrying the grief of others during her Masters in Spiritual Psychology schooling

  • A difficult relationship ending

  • Dealing with grief and allowing it to happen vs. fighting it

  • Where to find your rock bottoms in your chart

  • The turning point of walking away from low self-worth relationships

  • A rebirth after a car accident

  • Romance and partnerships in your charts

  • When she decided to pursue astrology

  • How Sons of Anarchy expanded her to find her partner

  • Her biggest shadow aspect

  • Programming around money

  • Not feeling guilty for wanting what she wanted

  • Stream of consciousness writing

  • Working through her limiting beliefs around money and wanting nice things

  • Her take on astrology and intuition

  • Tips if you’re new to astrology

  • Busting myths on astrology

  • Setting boundaries and saying no



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