Expanded x Ep. 06 - Mel Nahas, Conscious City Guide


“I really believe that it’s through these in-life connections and in-real-life experiences that people can propel their journey even further to make greater change."



Mel Nahas, Lacy’s personal business expander and the co-founder of Conscious City Guide, joins us on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. Mel shares the story of her unique cultural background and upbringing, how she navigated changing careers in her 30s, and the lows she hit that led her to launch into consciousness. Mel's story is an expander for anyone who's manifesting their dream business and looking to make a conscious impact in the world – even if you're currently finding yourself in your lowest of lows. 


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Words from Mel:

"I want to make conscious lifestyle more mainstream through experiences. And what does a conscious lifestyle mean? It means inspiring and activating people who want to become more connected to themselves, each other in the community, and the planet."

"At the end of the day if you toughen yourself to such a strong, tough level, not only are you doing yourself a disservice, but everyone a disservice because if you're not doing what you're meant to be doing, then you're not participating in this collective."

"It was totally scary leaving the music industry, I was in my early 30s, and I’m a taurus, so a career change in my 30s was freaking risky. I'd moved to LA before all of this as well, so in a way I had shown myself that change isn't that scary."

"When I did reparenting and that first DI of going back into the womb, I'd never gone back to the womb. It's still so recent of me finding out that I was adopted, really only 4 years ago. So when I did your Reparenting course and that first session, I really broke down in there and felt so much fear and secrecy, and just felt unsafe. I'm so grateful for you and that you gave me a tool to look at that. I can look back in times now where I'm feeling fearful or unsafe, or just insecure and really looking at where that has come from.”


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Finding out she was adopted when she was 31

  • The influence of her parents Asian and Egyptian cultural backgrounds

  • Growing up in Perth, an isolated part of Australia

  • Money and business expansion from her parents

  • Her first job singing and dancing on stage

  • The shadow of competition

  • Her morning ritual in tea meditation and pranic meditation

  • Her introduction to spiritual healing and consciousness in Sydney

  • Experiencing pure ecstasy in love and oneness

  • Her breakup and turning to alcohol

  • Growing pains and raising capital for her business

  • Going through the magic dark

  • Finding expanders in the music industry

  • A career change in her 30’s on a Visa in LA

  • Her conscious lifestyle blog, quitting her music industry job, and starting Conscious City Guide

  • Learning how to be herself in relationships

  • Strengthening autonomy in her business

  • The balance of masculine and feminine energy in detachment and putting up walls

  • Programming around physical affection stemming from childhood

  • Her journey through Unblocked Inner Child



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