Expanded x Ep. 07 - Maggie Harrsen, Puakai Healing


“Your body will heal and regenerate itself. That is the only truth. Trust that inner guidance within you, that soul-spirit nature that we have.”


On this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast, we welcome Lacy’s personal health expander Maggie Harrsen of Puakai Healing. Maggie shares her journey from severe illness, to exploring allopathic treatment and finally finding healing and recovery by connecting back with nature. Maggie’s health journey also took her to Peru where she learned about energy healing and energy cleansing. These practices are what inspired her to build Puakai, to inspire everyone to trust in their own power to heal with support of the nature we have so readily available around us.


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Words from Maggie:

“First thing, It was confirmation that the body will regenerate on its own and we have that capacity. Second it was learning about plants and alternative therapies. I was doing ozone, magnetic therapy, infrared sauna, exercising on bikes connected to oxygen. Diet was also part of that. It was showing me this part of life that was very connected to the Earth, and it took me out of the city and into nature to be there as well.”

“I really believe that we can’t get well in the environment that we got sick in. We are by nature as human beings an extension of our environment. If our environment is toxic, we are going to be toxic.”

“We have to be open to seeing the light and the dark because we are both.”

“I did a limpia on a 4 year old little girl and it was so beautiful, she reflected that the child is me. I remember feeling, this is why I’m here, and I have no idea what this means. I didn’t know any details, but I could never forget that moment.”


In this episode, we talk about:

  • Maggie’s cultural upbringing and background

  • Her journey of healing herself of multiple chronic diseases by connecting to nature

  • How she went from her “dream life” in NYC to studying with Curanderas in Peru

  • The childhood traumas that disconnected her from everything spiritual

  • The breaking point that led her to telling her doctor that she was taking full charge of her health

  • How synchronicities lined up for her to visit a biological medicine clinic in Switzerland

  • The body’s innate intelligence of regenerating on its own

  • Moving to a cottage by herself away from everything she knew and dove into Transcendental Meditation

  • How she was guided to get back into modeling from her younger years

  • Meditation and prayer together gave her insight to her destined path

  • Her teachings of energy and how energy permeates all of life

  • What she thinks contributes the most to chronic disease

  • The importance of releasing trauma to create ultimate flow

  • Maggie’s definition of subtle bodies

  • What her self-worth looked like when she hit her biggest rock bottom

  • Wounds with her mother growing up

  • Things in her life that peeled away while diving deeper into authenticity

  • How she dealt from feedback in her external environment about her new life

  • Fears that came to the surface during her states of imbalance

  • Receiving clarity around her purpose

  • Her experience with giving her first Limpia healing to a 4 year old


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Tune into this coming SUPPORTED for more on self-healing from Maggie of Puakai.

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