Expanded x Ep. 08 - Sahara Rose, Author and Modern Ayurveda Expert


Our intuition is always always communicating with us, and it’s not something where you need to go take a class or find. It’s trusting that, and I think what makes it hard is figuring out is this my ego, my fear story, or is this my intuition?”


Sahara Rose, author and Ayruvedia practitioner, joins Lacy on this episode of The EXPANDED Podcast. She shares her story of freeing herself from constantly seeking her parents’ approval to her rock bottom in Bali, to finding her path, UNBLOCKING and writing a best-selling book. Sahara has found a way to translate ancient Eastern teachings and Ayurvedic principles into an approachable, modern and universal practice that we can all learn from to reach ultimate balance and health. We’re so beyond expanded by Sahara’s journey and cannot wait to share this episode with you.


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Words from Sahara:

“Everyone is your teacher, everyone is your guide, they can just be in different forms and disguises. In the social media culture we see someone with a great Instagram feed with tons of followers and we think that person has the answers, that person knows. But we don't look at the people around us who are really there for us to be there for support who may not look, or dress, or sound like that part, but they could've been our best teachers.”

“In that convulsing and crying and them saying I want nothing to do with you, I became free. I became detached. I realized what was always holding me back was this need to please them as a kid. I got this good grade, oh I got into this school, I got into this, this, and this. So the moment I was like fuck it, you want nothing to do with me? I'm free.”

“I was caught in this duality, which I'm still caught in, of doing and being. Do I want to live this free, flowing life where I create poetry and dance all day? Or do I want to be in control? And how do I have both?”

“So often we are so fixated on these goals that we've set for ourselves that are not actually in alignment with what we want. For example, making money. This is a goal I think almost everyone has. Why do we want to make money? For freedom. So I can be an artist, so I can have more pleasure in my life. Then you make that money and and you never take the pleasure and you never take the freedom, and you never play. Why? Because you don't think you deserve it.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Sahara’s Persian cultural background and upbringing

  • Stories of her extensive worldwide travel and charity work

  • Her rock bottom while writing a book solo in Bali

  • How she was set free from needing her parent’s approval

  • The foundation she built up to publish the best selling Ayurveda book

  • What childhood limiting beliefs she had to work through in order to be successful

  • How she continues to balance states of freedom and control

  • Splitting your work days into the three different dosha types

  • What each dosha type is and the corresponding personality traits

  • Manifestation for the doshas

  • Blocks that stop us from being in true alignment within the chakra system

  • How to create more expansion through guided intuition

  • Demystifing what channeling is and how every person has innate access to this

  • Why micro-financing is a wonderful way to give back

  • What it means to actually make a difference with those less fortunate

  • Organizations that you can contribute to right now

  • The biggest shadow aspect she’s had to integrate along her path

  • The ups and downs of leadership and what it means to focus on what you truly want

  • How her simple act of kindness took her off her route and opened the door to meeting Deepak Chopra

  • The deeper meaning of who your best teachers are and why you might not be seeing them

  • Breaking down her newest book and how anyone can use Ayurveda to their advantage

  • Defining the koshas in Vedantic philosophy

  • Assessing if you are living in Kriya or Karma


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