Expanded x Ep. 09 - Deborah Hanekamp, Mama Medicine


Medicine Readings, Auras & Rebelling Against Her Father's Wishes

“I knew everything that I had experienced at such a young age was only so I could help others. As a child I was already giving people aura readings and pulling stones out of the river and giving them to people. Every time I've tried to do anything different that isn't of being of service in this way, it's like I've gotten catapulted immediately back on this path.”

Deborah Hanekamp, Seeress and founder of Space by Mama Medicine, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. She grew up in rural Connecticut and was able to see auras from a young age. A series of tragedies in her life nudged her further down the spiritual path in her late teens, leading her to do an 8 year apprenticeship in the Amazon. Deborah eventually crafted her own unique healing modality and became known as Mama Medicine. In this episode she talks about learning to trust the guidance of the universe, how she uses her painful past experiences to help others, and what it means to be your own healer.


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Words from Deborah:

“When I opened up my yoga studio and healing center when I was 24, my dad was like just close it down and open up a Vespa sales place. He was like you're never gonna make any money doing that, like it's just gonna be a failure. So honestly, he was just saying to me what had been told to him his whole life, which I think made him pretty successful in life in his own way. But he had total failure consciousness to my brother and I big time. I think my saving grace was being rebellious.”

“I sat down and I just asked the Universe ‘Okay, I know you want me to work with people because I keep on trying to escape it, and I keep on getting pulled right back on this path, like boomeranged. What do you want me to do?’ And I got this very clear, ‘You're gonna do something called Medicine Readings, this is the exact formula for it, this is exactly how it's all done, how it’s all laid out. It was like the minute I said yes to that, everything started moving very quickly.”

“The mama part, really I work with the divine feminine, I work with feminine energy, I just do. I think that it’s what is going to kind of help us come together more, and be more receptive of each other and hold each other more and understand each other, and just kind of restore balance, and take away all of the separation.”

“The purpose behind me working those 12 hour days, 6 days a week, that was really ego actually. Even though I was doing this labor of love, that was really ego actually. I had so much to prove. I had so much to prove to myself, maybe to my father, maybe to the world.”

“Even placing your hands on your body, you are giving yourself a healing session. I feel like we need to know and understand that. Nobody knows our shit better than us, so actually we can only be our own healer. When you come for medicine readings, I am only saying out loud to you the things that you’ve already been feeling. And I’m just sort of reaffirming those feelings so you walk out and feel empowered on your path to be your own healer.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Being raised in a rural area of Connecticut

  • At 19, leaving the East Coast for Vancouver

  • Living a minimal life, getting rid of the things you physically and mentally don’t need anymore

  • Shifting from being financially idealistic and impulsive to financial stability

  • Finding yoga and meditation after 3 years of recovering from trauma and feeling lost

  • Career modeling from her parents

  • Holding her daughter for the first time and asking the Universe for clarity

  • Getting a download from the Universe that she was supposed to do medicine readings

  • Being featured in the New York Times

  • How the name Mama Medicine came to be

  • Hiding behind yoga, reiki, and other things that just didn’t feel right

  • Her supported, religious, and spiritual upbringing for the first 12 years of her life

  • When she started seeing auras

  • Her biggest shadow aspect of shame

  • Her inner child’s sensitivity and how it helps her nurture her daughter’s sensitivity

  • Closing her yoga and healing center  

  • Her limiting beliefs and giving credit away to others

  • Manifesting her husband and her daughter

  • Be Your Own Healer program

  • What’s coming up for Mama Medicine


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