Expanded x Ep. 10 - Shiva Rose, Holistic Beauty

Embodying Femininity and Overcoming Shame

“Once we nourish ourselves, we can nourish each other. Once we nourish ourselves, we can nourish our land and our community. How do your nourish yourself? Well, you don’t need necessarily thousands of dollars to do that. You can create an alter with just a beautiful scarf or a flower, or what’s in nature, or use the sun. You can just do what’s given to us by God or Source. And it’s connecting to that source, and it’s connecting to that spirit, which for me has been the greatest lesson.”

Shiva Rose, author of Whole Beauty and The Local Rose Blog, and founder of Shiva Rose Beauty, joins episode 10 of The EXPANDED Podcast. She shares her journey from being an Iranian refugee, acclimating to American life and how she put herself through school at UCLA. Her story of being an actress, going through a divorce as a mother and becoming an entrepreneur is expanding for all as she shares how she rebuilt herself from her absolute rock bottom.


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Words from Shiva:

“That’s why I think I became an actress because I created my own reality. It was the only way to survive – an imagination fed by books and things like movies. So I kind of built a character.”

“Acting saved my life because I had very close friends die in high school. If it wasn’t for acting because that was like my anchor, and my therapy, and I saw really young that ‘okay that’s one road, or I can choose this road.’ And so I just immersed myself into theater and acting and that was my life. And thank God because a lot of people didn’t make it.”

“I’m all about the more feminine the better. I think that’s where the power lies, it’s not gonna come from force or putting people down, and tearing people down. It’s gonna be about the loving energy that is the ultimate feminine.”

“Knowing that sexuality doesn’t necessarily mean sex, that’s your energy, your creative energy.”

“If it flows, just go, go with it.”

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Her cultural upbringing & growing up in the countryside of Iran the first 10 years of her life

  • Her mom’s creative spirit

  • Being drawn to ritual and practicing Japanese Buddhism from age 21, kundalini, & tea practice

  • Escaping Iran, being held prisoner, and becoming refugees

  • Struggling with adrenal fatigue and autoimmune disorders

  • Studying with Guru Jagat and getting the download for her beauty line

  • Her expanders while growing up

  • Fitting into LA as a refugee and creating her own reality with acting, drugs, and alcohol

  • Being a student at UCLA and not being able to work for a semester

  • Being a feminine feminist

  • At 26, being told she had a year to live

  • Overcoming her autoimmune disorder symptoms with diet and spiritual practice

  • Not being afraid to be emotional, dramatic, or needy

  • Her biggest shadow aspect of coming to terms with the feminine inside her

  • Letting things flow instead of forcing them

  • Being sexualized at a young age and getting over the hurdle of shame

  • Her favorite products from her line that relate to the feminine in manifestation

  • Manifesting her current partner    


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